The Senate Reference Committee Hearing on Concussion and Repeated Trauma in Contact Sports

Feb 7, 2023

The Federal Government is currently investigating concussions and repeated head trauma in contact sports, as part of a public inquiry and report to be delivered by 21 June 2023. As the recognised peak body in Sports Medicine, SMA was invited to present our views on this issue to a Senate Community Affairs Reference Committee Hearing, on Monday 30 January. SMA CEO Jamie Crain, was joined by NSW Council Chair, Dr Kerry Peek, Scientific Advisory Committee Member, Dr Reidar Lystad, and NSW Council Member, Dr Paul Bloomfield.

Our four representatives were pleased to put forward a range of views on the topic, including some of the complexities surrounding concussion and long-term health issues such as CTE.

SMA intends to remain part of the process, and we will pay close attention to any recommendations made by the Senate Community Affairs Reference Committee to the Government.

In the meantime, SMA actively collaborates with other organisations such as the AIS, ACSEP and the AMA to develop further understanding on this complex topic through research.

Further details about the Senate Inquiry can be found here.