Code of Ethics

The Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) Member Code of Ethics articulates and promotes ethical principles to guide both SMA members, and provide the public with a clear understanding and expectation of what is considered ethical professional conduct by SMA members.

Membership of SMA requires members to uphold the mission, vision and values of SMA. All members have a duty to comply with the SMA Memorandum of Articles of Association and regulations.

SMA Members have the responsibility to show interdisciplinary respect, co-operation, recognition and teamwork which are core to the practice and values of Sports Medicine in Australia.

Members of SMA will recognise the achievements and goals of Sports Medicine Australia discipline groups.

SMA members have the responsibility to promote and enhance the health of all Australians and prevent lifestyle disease  through facilitating their safe participation in sport and physical activity.

It is the responsibility of SMA members to strive to maintain SMA as the peak multidisciplinary body on medicine and science in physical activity and sport.

SMA members have a duty to provide services to the community, carried out with the highest level of professional skill and scientific standards.

SMA members will promote pure performance in sport and physical activity to protect sporting integrity through the elimination of doping. Uphold the guidelines of WADA and IOC.

SMA Members who conduct scientific and clinical research must be in a accordance with research ethical principles as set by the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki.

SMA members are to ensure all advertising using the SMA logo and SMA membership abides by the guidelines set by SMA.

Code of Good Behaviour

SMA acknowledges that in, meeting and delivering its vision, mission and values a high standard of behaviour by its Board, employees and members is essential.

Good behaviour includes, but is not limited to:

  • SMA will not tolerate any forms of racial, religious or gender discrimination by its Board, employees or members.
  • SMA Board, employees or members will communicate in a professional manner in all verbal and written forms of communication, including telephone, letter and email.
  • SMA Board, employees or members will refrain from using language that is of an abusive, offensive or sexual nature in any forms of communication.

Application of the Code

Lack of awareness or misunderstanding of an ethical standard is not itself a defense to an allegation of unethical conduct.

Members are reminded that there are legislative and ethical requirements that apply to the use of their individual professional titles, and that where applicable, they must abide by such requirements.

Membership is bound to the SMA Code of Ethics. The SMA Ethics Committee shall administer, judge and enforce the SMA Code of Ethics.