16-19 October 2024 | MCG

SMA Sports Doctors

Our Sports Doctors members are part of a fraternity, actively working in the field of Sports Medicine.

Our members come from a range of areas within medicine, including GPs, Surgeons, Radiologists and many others. They provide high level care for everyone who participates in sport, exercise and physical activity, irrespective of type of activity or level of competition. This includes elite athletes through to the weekend warrior, and anyone looking to increase their exercise level or deal with an injury.

With a heritage dating back to 1999, SMA’s Sports Doctors:

  • Supports the ongoing educational needs of our members.
  • Connects the public with sports and exercise medicine professionals.
  • Promotes evidence-based research into sports injury prevention, assessment and management.

Membership is open to all medical practitioners with a commitment to sports medicine, either within or outside Australia.