Join the action at the 2024 UniSport Nationals

The 2024 UniSport Nationals is being held in the capital this September, and SMA is the exclusive provider of Sports Trainers for the event. The event will be held in Canberra from 7-13 September 2024. With 31 sports and over 6,000 participants, this is a huge...

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Physiotherapist wins SMA Safer Sport Award

Basketballer and former NT Young Australian of the Year, Bridie Duggan, has won the 2024 Karen Schneider Sports Medicine Australia Safer Sport Award. The award was created by SMA to celebrate Karen Schneider’s contribution to sports and exercise physiotherapy in the...

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Overuse injuries in athletes

What are they? Overuse injuries are those that occur in the absence of one, identifiable traumatic cause. They occur over a period where excessive training load, insufficient recovery, and other intrinsic and extrinsic factors contribute to cumulative tissue damage...

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