Sports Trainer Spotlight: Kiara Johnson

Mar 27, 2019

Kiara Johnson – Sports Trainer and SMA Presenter (VIC)

How did you get involved at SMA?
I initially got involved with SMA back when I did my Level 1 Sports Trainer course in 2006. After my Level 1, I did all the modules relating to becoming a Level 2 Sports Trainer. During this time, I started doing coverage with SMA and loved it! I then started to become really interested in presenting the courses and being able to share my experience as a sports trainer so I started assisting with the courses and loved it! About 6 months later, I taught my first course all on my own and have never looked back.

How long have you been at SMA?
I have been at SMA for 11 years now, which started off with sports trainer coverage, then presenting courses to working part-time as a program administrator.

What do you love most about being an SMA presenter?
I love the people I teach, they are all so eager to learn about making sport a safer environment. My favourite part is being able to share my own experiences specifically when teaching the injury management side of things. Athletes are not computers, so every situation you go to is so different (even if you are dealing with the same injury) so using my own experience and drawing upon experiences within the group helps get across key concepts in a way a textbook simply cannot do.

What advice have you got for anyone wanting to get involved as an SMA sports trainer or SMA presenter?
Enjoy working with people and be willing to be adaptable whether it be teaching a group of people or dealing with a range of different athletes. Everyone responds differently to situations so being able to adapt your communication style is the key!

For information on becoming an SMA sports trainer, click here