SMA Scientific Committee – Expressions of Interest

May 10, 2018

Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) is calling for expressions of interest from professional members who would like to join the SMA Scientific Committee. The role of the SMA Scientific Committee is to provide ongoing and timely scientific advice on current and emerging issues related to the work of SMA in the area broadly defined as sports medicine.

The responsibilities of the Committee shall include:

  • Reviewing of guidelines and position statements for SMA;
  • Commissioning and overseeing the development of guidelines and positions statements, where appropriate, for SMA;
  • Making recommendations to the SMA Board on the adoption of guidelines and position statements;
  • Timely and regular review and revisions of existing guidelines and position statements for SMA;
  • Being the key liaison (through the Chair) between the SMA Board and the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport (through the Editor-in-Chief);
  • Provision of scientific advice, where relevant, to Sport Health (through the Editor);
  • Provision of scientific advice to the SMA Research Foundation;
  • Provision of advice to SMA on scientific matters related to professional development activities;
  • Provision of advice on the dissemination of scientific information to the SMA membership, and the public;
  • Provision of scientific advice on SMA documents as appropriate;
  • Improving the creditability and reputation of SMA’s in relation to its scientific publications;
  • Any other relevant activity as directed by the SMA Board.

The Committee will represent the multi-disciplinary nature of SMA as an organisation and contain members of significant standing drawn from private practice and/or public-sector research institutions (such as universities).

The candidate would ideally fulfill the following criteria listed below:

  • Working within at least one and an ability to work across other disciplines;
  • Demonstrated publication record or equivalent experience;
  • Commitment to be available to attend key committee meetings, approximately three per year;
  • Willing to actively contribute on the committee as part of a team and ensure SMA is recognised as a leader in sports medicine.

Members wishing to nominate should provide the following:

  • A brief cover letter outlining their interest in joining the committee (including their profession and SMA membership number); and,
  • A detailed resume.

Nominations should be sent to [email protected] by Monday 11th June 2018