Older People

Keeping fit and remaining active are the key to getting the most out of life, whatever age you are.

Physical activity can help prevent some illnesses and reduce the risk of heart disease, type II diabetes, oesteoporosis, colon cancer, obesity and being injured in a fall. Gentle exercise can also help reduce stress, alleviate depression and anxiety, enhance mental well-being and provide a great opportunity to enjoy activity with family and friends.

For many older Australians,however, remaining physically active can be a challenge.

Choose Health: Be Active shows you simple ways to fit exercise and activity into your daily routine. It includes an activity planner to help you choose the type of activity that best suits you, descriptions of different types of exercise, and advice on coping with health problems and overcoming setbacks.

Regular exercise, along with a balanced diet, can help you live life to the full, and to age in a positive, active, healthy way.