SMA sports trainer insurance

SMA’s Sports Trainer Insurance Policy provides cover for:

  • Public Liability ($20 Million)
  • Products Liability ($20 Million)
  • Professional Indemnity ($5 Million)
  • Personal Accident Cover, including; Capital Benefits (Death and total disablement $100,000), Loss of Income ($500 a week up to 104 weeks)
    and Medical Benefits (non-Medicare costs up to $1,500).

The Sports Trainer Insurance Policy is covered by Gallagher Ltd.

Please note: this Policy is only available to SMA Accredited Sports Trainers.

  • The Policy operates while a sports trainer is working in activities involving playing in club, representative, state or national matches training routines arranged by the club, league, association or federation;
  • Travelling directly to or from the above activities and residence, or place of employment or club premise;
  • Staying away from home during a tour for the purpose of participating in representative matches in an administrative capacity or organised social and fundraising activities.

It is important to take out this policy. Many National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) and State Sporting Organisations (SSOs) do not have insurance policies that cover Sports Trainers. Check with your relevant organisation to see what insurance cover they provide for Sports Trainers.

Membership gives you 12 months of insurance cover and is current from date of payment.

IMPORTANT: It is the policy holder’s responsibility to ensure their SMA Sports Trainer Accreditation is current. The insurance policy is only valid whilst the policy holder’s SMA Sports Trainer accreditation is current. The policy is void at any period during which the policy holder’s SMA Sports Trainer Accreditation lapses.