Important Information – Sports Trainer Insurance

Jun 28, 2018

Is your Sports Trainer Insurance Policy valid?

If you have Sports Trainer Insurance with Sports Medicine Australia, it is vital to ensure that your Sports Trainer accreditation AND any necessary certificates associated with your Sports Trainer accreditation, are current and valid to make sure you are covered by your insurance policy.

Below is a list of the necessary certificates which Sports Trainers need to make sure are current and up-to-date at all times in order for their insurance policy to be valid:

Level 1 Sports Trainer –  Accreditation Must Be Current (Valid for 3 Years) 

Level 2 Sports Trainer –  Accreditation Must Be Current (Valid for 3 Years) 

If you are working as a Sports Trainer and if any of the certificates required as part of your accreditation have expired, you may not be covered by your Sports Trainer Insurance policy. 

SMA’s Sports Trainer Insurance Policy provides cover for:

  • Public Liability ($20 Million)
  • Products Liability ($20 Million)
  • Professional Indemnity ($10 Million)
  • Personal Accident Cover, including; Capital Benefits (Death and total disablement $100,000), Loss of Income ($500 a week up to 52 weeks)
    and Medical Benefits (non-Medicare costs up to $3,000).

As an active Sports Trainer, by ensuring your certificates and accreditation are up-to-date at all times, you can ensure you are protected by your insurance policy.

If you have any questions about whether your certificates are current and valid, please contact your nearest SMA office for more information. If you need to refresh one of your certificates, you can search for a course near you by clicking here.

Alternatively, if you are working as a Sports Trainer and are not an SMA Sports Trainer Member, sign-up now to access multiple benefits including insurance cover, plus much more.