Eminent Speaker Series Part Two – Professor Wendy Brown: New Global Guidelines on Physical Activity and Health – What has changed and why? – Review

Mar 24, 2021

On Tuesday 23 March 2021 at 6:30pm (AEST) Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) held its second installment of the 2021 Eminent Speaker Series. A hybrid face to face and online professional development event with MC Anita Green and the world-renowned Professor Wendy Brown.

SMA was thrilled to bring the 2021 Eminent Speaker Series to Brisbane, where we were joined by 15 face to face attendees and 88 attendees online through live stream on YouTube. Attendees from a broad range of disciplines joined from across Australia to hear the latest updates on the World Health Organisations new 2020 global guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behaviour.

Professor Brown’s presentation covered the history of previous physical activity guidelines in Australia, the current Australian guidelines as well as introducing the new guidelines, specifically, what is different and what are the reasons for this?

During her presentation Professor Brown provided the audience with an in-depth overview into the necessity of physical activity and each level that is required for individuals from all walks of life. As well as this, she explored typical patterns of sedentary behavior such as sitting for long periods of time and the effects this has on one’s overall health.

Following Professor Brown’s presentation, the audience participated in an interactive Q&A with our online audience also posting their questions through the YouTube chat function and to twitter using the hashtag #AskWendy. It was a lively discussion which gave the audience insight into how these new guidelines effect their work and advice to individuals within their own communities.

Part Three of SMA’s 2021 Eminent Speaker Series will take place in Melbourne with Dr Peter Larkins – Post Traumatic Arthritis Risk and Treatment for Contact Sport Athletes. This hybrid event will be available both face to face and online. Click here to register.