Eminent Speaker Series Part One: Dr Peter Brukner – We are getting fatter and sicker. What are we going to do about it? – Review

Feb 25, 2021

On Wednesday 24 February at 6:30pm Sports Medicine Australia held it’s first hybrid face to face and online professional development event with MC Michelle Bergeron and the world-renowned Dr Peter Brukner. SMA launched part one of the 2021 Eminent Speaker Series – We are getting fatter and sicker. What are we going to do about it?

We saw over 280 people view the presentation split across the new format of face to face and livestream.

Online viewers submitted their questions through twitter using the hashtag #AskPeter and Youtube through the chat function, providing plenty of question for Dr Brukner around the importance that diet has on overall health and illness.

In his presentation Peter talked about the dietary myths that we have been sold for years. Australia is in the top 6 countries in the world for obesity. 1/4 of our kids and 8.5% of our teens, so how could Australia, with all its resources, be this fat?

For years the food industry has sold us a diet that we believe to be healthy and balanced while giving us something that is detrimental to our health. This has been the leading cause of many illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dental caries and many more.

“The food industry isn’t stupid; it disguises sugar by using words that can be hidden. Words people don’t understand” Peter said.

From his own personal experience, Peter recommended a low fat, low carb diet to reverse the effects that these diet myths have had on individuals for a long time.

SMA was thrilled to be able to reach such a wide audience from the face to face event in Melbourne to the rest of Australia via the event livestream.

Part two of our Eminent Speaker Series will take place in Brisbane with Professor Wendy Brown – New global guidelines on Physical Activity and Health – what has changed and why? Face to face and online, click here to register.