ASMF logoThe Order of ASMF Fellows was established in 1984. The Fellows are the elite group within Sports Medicine Australia (SMA).

ASMF Fellows have contributed to SMA by being a full member for seven years, attending Australian and international conferences, publishing research in national or international publications, obtaining higher tertiary qualifications, assisting in the administration of some SMA projects and lecturing at workshops.

Sports Medicine Australia invites all current full members with a minimum of seven years membership to apply for Fellowship.

Prof Bruce AbernethyQLDSports Scientist
W/Prof Tim AcklandWASports Scientist
Mr Craig AllinghamQLDAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Prof Garry AllisonWATertiary Lecturer/APA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Kevin AngelSAOrthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Frank ArcherVICPublic Health Physician
Ms Jayne ArlettQLDPodiatrist
Dr Peter BarnesSASports Doctor
Mr Simon BartoldSAPodiatrist
Assoc Prof Lisa M. BarnettVICAcademic
Assoc Prof Shona BassVICExercise Physiologist
Dr Ian BeltzTASSports Doctor
Dr Frederick Better (decd)VIC
Dr Bruce BilbeQLDGeneral Practitioner
Dr Chris BishopSAPodiatrist
Prof Brian BlanksbyWASports Scientist
Dr Neville BlomeleyQLDSports Doctor
Prof John BloomfieldWASports Scientist
Dr David BolzonelloVICSports and Exercise Physician
Mr John BourkeVICOrthopaedic Surgeon
Mr Terence BoydVICPhysiotherapist
Mr Allan BoysNSWPodiatrist
Ms Wendy Braybon (decd)VICAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr John BrotherhoodNSWTertiary Lecturer
Mr Mark BrownQLDAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Prof Wendy BrownQLDTertiary Lecturer
Dr Peter BruknerVICSports Physician
Dr Shane BrunQLDSports Doctor
Dr Grace BryantNSWSports Physician
Prof Louise BurkeACTNutritionist
Dr June Canavan (decd)QLDSports Physician
Dr Brian CaseyNSWOrthopaedic Surgeon
Mrs Louise (Joy) ClayfieldQLDPhysiotherapist
Assoc Prof Mike ClimsteinNSWClinical/Exercise Physiologist
Ms Maria ConstantinouQLDTertiary Lecturer/APA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Michael ConwayVICGeneral Practitioner
Assoc Prof Jillianne CookVICAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Ms Kay CopelandVICAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Brian Corrigan (decd)NSWRheumatologist
Frank CordovaWAGeneral Practitioner
Miss Debbie CrawfordTASSports Physician
Prof Andrew CresswellQLDTertiary Lecturer
Dr Kenneth Crichton (dced)NSWSports Physician
Mr Michael DalgleishQLDAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Assoc Prof Robin DalyVICUniversity Researcher
W/Prof Brian DawsonWASports Scientist
Dr Brendan de MortonVICSports Doctor
Dr Garth DickerVICGeneral Practitioner
Dr John Diggle (dced)NSWGeneral Practitioner
Dr Peter DobsonSAOrthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Alex DonaldsonVICUniversity Researcher
Mr Peter DornanQLDAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Michael DrewACTAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Mr Richard DunnQLDAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Mr Peter DurasVICAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Terry FarquharsonSASports Physician
Mr Rod FarrVICAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Ms Marilyn FeenstraNSWPodiatrist
Prof Caroline FinchVICUniversity Researcher
Ms Kathy FinlayACTAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Kenneth FitchWASports Physician
Mr Paul FleetACTPodiatrist
Dr Peter FullerVICSports Physician
Mr Peter GarbuttACTChiropractor
Mr Ian GillamVICExercise Physiologist
Dr Carmel GoodmanWASports Physician
Mr Stuart GrayWAAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Anita GreenQLDSports Doctor
Dr Phil HamdorfSAExercise Physiologist
Mr Peter HamerWAPhysiotherapist
Dr Stephanie HanrahanQLDPsychologist
Dr Peter HarcourtVICSports Physician
Assoc/Prof John Hart (dced)VICOrthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Hugh HazardNSWSports Physician
Dr Peter HenkeNSWRehabilitation Medicine
Ms Margaret HillyACTAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Diana HopperWAAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Greg HoyVICOrthopaedic Surgeon
Mr Andrew HughesNSWAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Ms Karen IngeVICNutritionist
Dr Trefor JamesVICSports Physician
Dr Gregory KeeneSAOrthopaedic Surgeon
Mr Michael KenihanVICAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Karim KhanINTSports Physician
Mr Michael KinchingtonNSWPodiatrist
Prof Greg KoltNSWUniversity Researcher
Dr Peter LarkinsVICSports Physician
Dr Simon LockeQLDSports Physician
Dr Gregory (Greg) LovellACTSports Physician
Dr Mary MagareySAAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Ken MaguireWASpecialist
Dr Peter MaloufNSWGeneral Practitioner
Dr Jeno (Ben) MarosszekyNSWSpecialist
Mr Michael MasonSAPhysiotherapist
Dr Deirdre McGheeNSWAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Bruce MitchellVICSports Physician
Dr Alan MortonWAExercise Physiologist
Dr Andrea MoslerACTAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Kerry MummeryQLDAcademic
Dr O.R. (Ron) MuratoreNSWSports Physician
Dr Alexander MurrayVICGeneral Practitioner
Dr Leonie MurrayNSWGeneral Practitioner
Prof George MurrellNSWOrthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Barry OakesVICGeneral Practitioner
Dr John OrchardNSWGeneral Practitioner
Dr Cameron OsborneQLDSports Physician
Assoc Prof Leonie OtagoVICSports Scientist
Mr Tim PainTASPodiatrist
Prof Anthony ParkerQLDSports Scientist
Prof Warren PayneVICExercise Physiologist
Mr Maxwell PfitznerSAAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Andrew PotterSASports Physician
Mr Craig PurdamACTAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Bruce ReidVICSports Doctor
Dr Robert ReidACTSports Physician
Miss Rosemary RileyNSWAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Percy Russo (dced)NSW
Dr Brian Sando (dced)SAGeneral Practitioner
Dr Frederick SchubertQLDRetired Radiologist
Dr Hugh SewardVICSports Physician
Dr Robert Smethills OAMACTGeneral Practitioner
Mr Ross SmithVICAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Mr Max SoppSAPhysiotherapist
Mr John Stanley (dced)QLDPhysiotherapist
Mrs Valda StantonWAPhysiotherapist
Prof Julie SteeleNSWTertiary Lecturer
Dr Robert StillACTSports Physician
Dr William StoneVICGeneral Practitioner
Dr William StraughanNSWSports Doctor
Dr Gerard TaylorWASports Physician
Prof Richard TelfordACTSports Scientist
Prof Peter TerryQLDPsychologist
Dr Kevin ThrelfallVICGeneral Practitioner
Dr Harold ThurlowNSWGeneral Practitioner
Dr Margaret TorodeNSWTertiary Lecturer
Dr Barrie TowersNSWGeneral Practitioner
Dr Harry UnglikVICSports Doctor
Mr Andrew van EssenSAPodiatrist
Dr Gordon WaddingtonACTAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr William WarrVICGeneral Practitioner
Dr Stuart (Alan) WatsonNSWSports Physician
Dr William Webb (dced)NSW
Dr Gavan WhiteWASports Doctor
Mr Robert WilsonTASPhysiotherapist
Dr Andrew WilsonWASports Scientist
Mrs Trish Wisbey-RothNSWAPA Sports Physiotherapist
Prof Robert WithersSAPhysical educationalist
Dr Gary ZimmermanVICSports Physician
Mr David ZukeVICAPA Sports Physiotherapist


To download a Fellows application form, click here.

For further enquiries please contact SMA on 03 9674 8702 or