SMA State Councils

The Australian Sports Medicine Federation Limited’s Constitution provides for the establishment of State Councils to represent the interests of members of Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) in their designated State or Territory of Australia. The primary purpose of State Councils is to act as representatives from the membership and industry at the regional level, provide local industry intelligence, and act as a communication link between SMA Staff and industry stakeholders across Australia. Further, State Councils form an important conduit between the SMA Board and the membership.

Additionally, the Councils will:

  • Ensure that all initiatives, driven both locally and centrally, are successful;
  • Host nationally organised events at a local level, for the benefit of all members;
  • Advise SMA staff as to which activities are likely to raise and maintain SMA’s profile across the nation and state, and assist with such activities;
  • Support membership drives;
  • Find and coordinate volunteers to assist with local activities;
  • Provide feedback to SMA staff on a range of local issues; and
  • Recommend to SMA the appropriate use of resources for supporting local activities that promote the SMA brand and profile

Thank you to all our current and past Council members for their service to SMA and the multidisciplinary sports medicine industry.

Our current State Councils are listed below.

Australia Capital Territory

Alexander Murray (Chair)

  • A/Prof Jaquelin Bousie
  • A/Prof Julie Cooke
  • Patrick Doan
  • Suzanne Goodall
  • Dr Andrea Mosler
  • Dr Robert Reid AM
  • Mark Trbojevich

New South Wales

Harriet Thurlow (Chair)

  • Dr Adam Arnold
  • Lorenzo Campagna
  • Saxon Chorny
  • Leanne Hodge
  • Dr Joshua Mattock
  • Dr Anthony Nasser
  • Dr Kerry Peek
  • Kurt Robertson
  • Melissa Tan

Northern Territory

Dorianne Sherry (Chair)

  • Felix Ho
  • Jane Marshall
  • Kylie Morrisroe
  • Calum Page
  • Tamara Spence
  • Kaitie Talbot


Dr Ryan Timmins (Chair)

  • Clayton James
  • Dr Ian Gillam
  • A/Prof Anthony Leicht
  • A/Prof Susan Keays
  • A/Prof Toby Pavey
  • Dr Mandy Plumb
  • Elizabeth Turley
  • Dr Andrew Welsh


Roger Morgan (Chair)

  • Dr Paul Crisford
  • Stuart Imer
  • Sally Mclaine
  • Michael Quill


Pinakin Godse (Chair) | Dr Louise Bibby (Vice Chair)

  • Samual Kayll
  • Dr Stephen McMahon
  • John Osborne
  • Dr Chi Kin Nathan Tso

Western Australia


  • Brady Green
  • Rob Hollingshead
  • Denise Baron Lickford
  • Dr Sandra Mejak
  • Aisling Pawlowski
  • Dr Colin Sylvester