Full List of ASMF Fellows

The Order of ASMF Fellows was established in 1984. The Fellows are the elite group within Sports Medicine Australia.

ASMF Fellows have contributed to SMA by being a full member for seven years, attending Australian and international conferences, publishing research in national or international publications, obtaining higher tertiary qualifications, assisting in the administration of some SMA projects and lecturing at workshops.

Sports Medicine Australia invites all current full members with a minimum of seven years membership to SMA Fellowship Application Form.

Full list of Fellows

Name    State        Profession
Prof Bruce Abernethy QLD Sports Scientist
W/Prof Tim Ackland WA Sports Scientist
Mr Craig Allingham QLD APA Sports Physiotherapist
Prof Garry Allison WA Tertiary Lecturer/APA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Kevin Angel SA Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Frank Archer VIC Public Health Physician
Ms Jayne Arlett QLD Podiatrist
Dr Peter Barnes SA Sports Doctor
Mr Simon Bartold SA Podiatrist
Assoc Prof Lisa M. Barnett VIC Academic
Assoc Prof Shona Bass VIC Exercise Physiologist
Prof Belinda Beck QLD Tertiary Lecturer/Exercise Science
Dr Ian Beltz TAS Sports Doctor
Dr Frederick Better (deceased) VIC
Dr Bruce Bilbe QLD General Practitioner
Dr Chris Bishop SA Podiatrist
Prof Brian Blanksby WA Sports Scientist
Dr Neville Blomeley QLD Sports Doctor
Prof John Bloomfield WA Sports Scientist
Dr David Bolzonello VIC Sports and Exercise Physician
Mr John Bourke VIC Orthopaedic Surgeon
Mr Terence Boyd VIC Physiotherapist
Mr Allan Boys NSW Podiatrist
Ms Wendy Braybon (deceased) VIC APA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr John Brotherhood NSW Tertiary Lecturer
Mr Mark Brown QLD APA Sports Physiotherapist
Prof Wendy Brown QLD Tertiary Lecturer
Dr Peter Brukner VIC Sports Physician
Dr Shane Brun QLD Sports Doctor
Dr Grace Bryant NSW Sports Physician
Prof Louise Burke ACT Nutritionist
Dr June Canavan (deceased) QLD Sports Physician
Dr Brian Casey NSW Orthopaedic Surgeon
Mrs Louise (Joy) Clayfield QLD Physiotherapist
Assoc Prof Mike Climstein NSW Clinical/Exercise Physiologist
Ms Maria Constantinou QLD Tertiary Lecturer/APA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Michael Conway VIC General Practitioner
Assoc Prof Jillianne Cook VIC APA Sports Physiotherapist
Assoc Prof Julie Cooke ACT Tertiary Lecturer/Anatomy & Physiology
Ms Kay Copeland VIC APA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Brian Corrigan (deceased) NSW Rheumatologist
Frank Cordova WA General Practitioner
Miss Debbie Crawford TAS Sports Physician
Prof Andrew Cresswell QLD Tertiary Lecturer
Dr Kenneth Crichton (deceased) NSW Sports Physician
Dr Paul Crisford TAS Podiatrist
Mr Michael Dalgleish QLD APA Sports Physiotherapist
Assoc Prof Robin Daly VIC University Researcher
W/Prof Brian Dawson WA Sports Scientist
Dr Brendan de Morton VIC Sports Doctor
Dr Garth Dicker VIC General Practitioner
Dr John Diggle (deceased) NSW General Practitioner
Dr Peter Dobson SA Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Alex Donaldson VIC University Researcher
Mr Peter Dornan QLD APA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Michael Drew ACT APA Sports Physiotherapist
Prof Mitch Duncan NSW Tertiary Lecturer/Public Health
Mr Richard Dunn QLD APA Sports Physiotherapist
Mr Peter Duras VIC APA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Terry Farquharson SA Sports Physician
Mr Rod Farr VIC APA Sports Physiotherapist
Ms Marilyn Feenstra NSW Podiatrist
Prof Caroline Finch VIC University Researcher
Ms Kathy Finlay ACT APA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Kenneth Fitch WA Sports Physician
Mr Paul Fleet ACT Podiatrist
Dr Peter Fuller VIC Sports Physician
Mr Peter Garbutt ACT Chiropractor
Mr Ian Gillam VIC Exercise Physiologist
Dr Carmel Goodman WA Sports Physician
Mr Stuart Gray WA APA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Anita Green QLD Sports Doctor
Dr Phil Hamdorf SA Exercise Physiologist
Mr Peter Hamer WA Physiotherapist
Dr Stephanie Hanrahan QLD Psychologist
Dr Peter Harcourt VIC Sports Physician
Assoc/Prof John Hart (deceased) VIC Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Hugh Hazard NSW Sports Physician
Dr Peter Henke NSW Rehabilitation Medicine
Ms Margaret Hilly ACT APA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Diana Hopper WA APA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Greg Hoy VIC Orthopaedic Surgeon
Mr Andrew Hughes NSW APA Sports Physiotherapist
Ms Karen Inge VIC Nutritionist
Dr Trefor James VIC Sports Physician
Dr Gregory Keene SA Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Luke Kelly QLD Tertiary Lecturer/Sports and Exercise Science
Mr Michael Kenihan VIC APA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Karim Khan INT Sports Physician
Mr Michael Kinchington NSW Podiatrist
Prof Gregory Kolt NSW Academic
Dr Peter Larkins VIC Sports Physician
Assoc Prof Anthony Leicht QLD Tertiary Lecturer/Sport and Exercise Science
Dr Simon Locke QLD Sports Physician
Dr Gregory (Greg) Lovell ACT Sports Physician
Dr Reidar Lystad NSW Injury Epidemiologist
Dr Mary Magarey SA APA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Ken Maguire WA Specialist
Dr Peter Malouf NSW General Practitioner
Dr Jeno (Ben) Marosszeky NSW Specialist
Mr Michael Mason SA Physiotherapist
Dr Deirdre McGhee NSW APA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Bruce Mitchell VIC Sports Physician
Dr Alan Morton WA Exercise Physiologist
Dr Andrea Mosler ACT APA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Kerry Mummery QLD Academic
Dr O.R. (Ron) Muratore NSW Sports Physician
Dr Myles Murphy WA APA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Alexander Murray VIC General Practitioner
Dr Leonie Murray NSW General Practitioner
Prof George Murrell NSW Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Peter Nathan WA Practice Principal
Dr Barry Oakes VIC General Practitioner
Dr John Orchard NSW General Practitioner
Dr Cameron Osborne QLD Sports Physician
Assoc Prof Leonie Otago VIC Sports Scientist
Mr Tim Pain TAS Podiatrist
Prof Anthony Parker QLD Sports Scientist
Dr Kade Paterson VIC Sports Podiatrist
Prof Warren Payne VIC Exercise Physiologist
Mr Maxwell Pfitzner SA APA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Tania Pizzari VIC Physiotherapist
Dr Andrew Potter SA Sports Physician
Mr Craig Purdam ACT APA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Bruce Reid VIC Sports Doctor
Dr Robert Reid ACT Sports Physician
Miss Rosemary Riley NSW APA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr Ebonie Rio VIC

APA Sports Physiotherapist/Senior Research Fellow 

Dr Percy Russo (deceased) NSW
Dr Brian Sando (deceased) SA General Practitioner
Dr Frederick Schubert QLD Retired Radiologist
Dr Hugh Seward VIC Sports Physician
Dr Robert Smethills OAM ACT General Practitioner
Mr Ross Smith VIC APA Sports Physiotherapist
Mr Max Sopp SA Physiotherapist
Mr John Stanley (deceased) QLD Physiotherapist
Mrs Valda Stanton WA Physiotherapist
Prof Julie Steele NSW Tertiary Lecturer
Dr Robert Still ACT Sports Physician
Dr William Stone VIC General Practitioner
Dr William Straughan (deceased) NSW Sports Doctor
Dr Gerard Taylor WA Sports Physician
Prof Richard Telford ACT Sports Scientist
Prof Peter Terry QLD Psychologist
Dr Kevin Threlfall VIC General Practitioner
Dr Harold Thurlow NSW General Practitioner
Dr Ryan Timmins VIC Tertiary Lecturer/Anatomy & Physiology
Dr Liam Toohey VIC

Injury Epidemiologist/Physiotherapist

Dr Margaret Torode NSW Tertiary Lecturer
Dr Barrie Towers NSW General Practitioner
Prof Dara Twomey VIC Research Fellow
Dr Harry Unglik VIC Sports Doctor
Mr Andrew van Essen SA Podiatrist
Prof Evert Verhagen INT University Researcher
Dr Gordon Waddington ACT APA Sports Physiotherapist
Dr William Warr VIC General Practitioner
Dr Stuart (Alan) Watson NSW Sports Physician
Dr William Webb (deceased) NSW
Dr Gavan White WA Sports Doctor
Kellie Wilkie TAS

APA Sports Physiotherapist

Mr Robert Wilson TAS Physiotherapist
Dr Andrew Wilson WA Sports Scientist
Mrs Trish Wisbey-Roth NSW APA Sports Physiotherapist
Prof Robert Withers SA Physical educationalist
Dr Gary Zimmerman VIC Sports Physician
Mr David Zuker VIC APA Sports Physiotherapist

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