2022 SMA Conference Keynote Speaker – Professor Karyn Esser

Jul 15, 2022

Sports Medicine Australia is pleased to welcome Professor Karyn Esser (Ph.D) as one of the Keynote Speakers for the 2022 SMA Conference.

Dr. Esser is Professor of Physiology and Functional Genomics, and Associate Director of the Myology Institute at the University of Florida. Her lab has been working in the area of skeletal muscle adaptation for over 20 years.

Initially, Dr Esser’s research was focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms that underlie adult skeletal muscle adaptation to exercise. However, in 2002, she “accidentally” discovered that genes important for circadian rhythms were also at work in skeletal muscle. Since then, Dr. Esser’s lab has pioneered research on the role of circadian rhythms and the molecular clock mechanism in skeletal muscle. Her lab has demonstrated that the muscle circadian clock is necessary for maintaining healthy metabolism and muscle strength.

Her lab is currently focused on; 1) basic science experiments to define the molecular network downstream of the clock that modulates muscle health. 2) learning how age changes the clock function in skeletal muscle and other tissues; and 3) learning how exercise works with the circadian clock to help promote tissue and systemic health.

We look forward to meeting Prof. Esser in Gold Coast from 16-19 November for the in-person Conference this year.

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