2021 SMA ACT Research Awards

Dec 13, 2021

On Friday December 10, the annual SMA ACT Research Awards were hosted online and featured the latest research out of the ACT.

As in previous years, there was an extremely competitive round of applications for the three awards, and after extensive discussion amongst the Scientific Committee, the awards went to the following.

Open Award Winner: Erin Smyth – Does ankle tape improve proprioception acuity immediately after application and following a netball session.

The Open Award was sponsored by Sports Medicine Australia. Erin’s paper was novel, well written and engaging and we determined it to be the best in that category overall and now receives $800 from SMA to aid her research.

Best New Investigator Winner: Celeste Coltman – Bra-body armour integration, breast discomfort and breast injury associated with wearing body armour.

HDR Winner: Felicity Bright – “The effect of minimal differences in the skin-to-air vapor pressure gradient at various dry-bulb temperatures on self-paced exercise performance”

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all judges and submitters, we look forward to you being involved with the awards again in 2022.