2021 Eminent Speaker Series Part Three: Post traumatic arthritis risk and treatment for contact sport athletes with Dr Peter Larkins – Review

Apr 30, 2021

On Thursday 29 April at 7:30pm in Melbourne, SMA held part three of the 2021 Eminent Speaker Series – Post traumatic arthritis risk and treatment for contact sport athletes with MC Michael Kenihan and the renowned sports medicine professional, Dr Peter Larkins.

We saw over 97 delegates join us online via YouTube livestream and in person to hear the lecture.

Dr Larkins presentation covered joint pain, osteoarthritis, the importance of synovial fluid and articular cartilage health, multi-modal approach to joint health, management for OA and more.

He gave a deep dive into the major factors that contribute to joint pain and injuries including obesity, malalignment, inflammation, genetics, and lack of physical inactivity as well as an outline of common signs, symptoms and advice for treatment options. This led to the process of early intervention and how to address joint pain early on to prevent ongoing health risks.

“The human joint functions so well that we are totally unaware of it until there is a problem.”

Following Dr Larkins presentation, the audience took part in an interactive Q&A where attendees were able to discuss real life examples of joint injuries and management with Dr Larkins. Online delegates sent in their questions using #AskDocLarkins to be answered via the YouTube Livestream.

Part four of the 2021 Eminent Member Series will take place in Melbourne with Dr Jill Cook on Thursday 27 May. This hybrid event will be available both online and face-to-face. Click here for more information.