Gymnastics (Trampolining) Fact Sheet

Introduction to trampolining Trampoline sports are exciting high flying activities which teach aerial awareness, safe landing skills and body control. Trampoline sports include trampoline, double mini tramp and tumbling. These activities are best learnt in an affiliated Gymnastics Victoria club, and with qualified and accredited coaches. Gymnastics is a sports industry leader in club development through the … Continue Reading

Gymnastics (Aerobic, Acrobatic and Cheerleading) Fact Sheet

Introduction to aerobic and acrobatic gymnastics, and cheerleading Sport Aerobics, Sports Acrobatics and Cheerleading are three new exciting, primarily team based, gymnastics sports. Sport Aerobics is fast paced with vibrant music usually performed in pairs or groups but can be individual. Sports Acrobatics involves both balance and tempo routines with participants performing balances, tumbling and dance. Cheerleading is … Continue Reading

Gymnastics Fact Sheet

Introduction to gymnastics Gymnastics is fundamental to movement and is recognised as the basis of all sport. Gymnastics prepares children in body movement, control, coordination, balance, landing and all dominant movement patterns. Children with this experience are demonstrably better at whichever sport they choose. Gymnastics leads the way in club development with its Club 10 … Continue Reading

Sports Injury Data Dictionary

The Australian Sports Injury Data Dictionary has been developed to provide guidelines for injury data collection and classification for the prevention and control of injury in sport and recreation. The Dictionary has been written to assist sporting and recreation organisations, researchers, sports medicine professionals, first-aiders and individual clubs collect information on sports injury. The sporting … Continue Reading

SMA Sports Trainers at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

  The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (4 – 15 April) has just concluded and while the focus of the Games has indeed been on the athletes, the success of the Games is also testament to the collaboration and hard-work of the volunteer medical team. Medical personnel from across Australia, including doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, sports … Continue Reading

Sport Fact Sheets

Sports Medicine Australia has produced a range sport-specific fact sheets that discusses ways to prevent injury, advice for taking care of junior players and how to deal with common injuries to create a healthier and more active community. Aerobics Australian Rules Football (AFL) Baseball Basketball Cricket Cross-Country Skiing Downhill Skiing Football (Soccer) Golf Gymnastics Gymnastics (Aerobic, Acrobatic & Cheerleading) … Continue Reading