Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) provides a range of resources and advice for coaches, players, officials, teachers, volunteers, community sports clubs, schools, sports trainers and healthcare professionals. These include:

Return to Sport: COVID-19 Recovery 

As nation-wide public health restrictions caused by COVID19 begin to ease, states and territories will decide when each step will be implemented locally in response to public health advice and local transmission rates.  Easing of restrictions is positive however it is recognised that forward progress may fluctuate over time and restrictions may need re-applied if transmission rates rise. We’ll keep this page updated with important links as a reference for sports medical networks.

SMA Position Statements

Sports Medicine Australia has developed position statements covering important topics within the areas of sports medicine, and the healthy and safe participation of Australians in physical activity and sport. The primary aim of these position statements is to provide an evidence-based, best practice summary that enhances the understanding of SMA members and the community

Injury Fact Sheets

Sports Medicine Australia has produced an injury fact sheet series highlighting prevention and management for 12 of the most common sporting injuries . Please note these resources are currently free to be downloaded.

Sports Fact Sheets

Sports Medicine Australia has produced a range sport-specific fact sheets that discusses ways to prevent injury, advice for taking care of junior players and how to deal with common injuries to create a healthier and more active community.


Concussion is a brain injury and is defined as a complex physiological process affecting the brain, induced by biomechanical forces. Concussion may be caused by either a direct or indirect blow to the head, face, neck or body causing an impulsive force transmitted to the head.

Sports Medical Coverage 

Sports Medical Coverage is a service offered by SMA which enables us to provide Sports Trainers for first aid and medical (in some States) coverage at sporting and public events. SMA supplied Sports Trainers have current Apply First Aid and a minimum of Level 1 Sports Trainer accreditation. They have extensive experience in managing sporting injuries and incidents and are all trained to provide quality, immediate injury care to athletes.

Policies and Guidelines 

As the peak body for sports exercise and medicine, sports injury, physical activity, and sports exercise and science in Australia, Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) produces a number of policies and guidelines for the sports industry and community to promote optimal health and well-being. All SMA resources can be downloaded from this site or in some cases ordered from Sports Medicine Australia in hard copy.

Sports Injury Data Dictionary 

The Australian Sports Injury Data Dictionary has been developed to provide guidelines for injury data collection and classification for the prevention and control of injury in sport and recreation.The Dictionary has been written to assist sporting and recreation organisations, researchers, sports medicine professionals, first-aiders and individual clubs collect information on sports injury.