PD Series: Kinesio Tape for the Knee and Lower Leg

Location: SMA NT Office - Level 1, 71 Abala Road, Marrara 0812

The NT Professional Development Series continues in July with Richie Pendle joining us for an evening of kinesio taping, focusing on the knee and lower leg. Richie will discuss the theory behind kinesio tape, as well as demonstrate its correct use and application. A practical session will also be included so attendees can leave with … Continue Reading

Shouldering the Load: Breaking Down the Shoulder Complex

Location: Bayview Eden - 6 Queens Road, Melbourne 3004

Join us for our last major full-day symposium in Melbourne for 2019! At ‘Shouldering the Load: Breaking Down the Shoulder Complex’ you’ll come away with practical strategies for effectively managing shoulder injuries both in the clinic and pitchside. Learn about: The latest evidence and demonstration of advanced examination techniques for the sporting shoulder Assessment and … Continue Reading

The Pain of Sport and Exercise: Management of Acute and Chronic Pain in Sport

Location: Genea Netball Centre - 2 Olympic Boulevard, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127

Clinicians from all disciplines are exposed to athletes with pain (elite, non-elite or those who have retired from sport due to their pain). This includes acute pain on the sporting field or from an acute injury and chronic pain that athletes continue to exercise with or that limits them from participating in their sport. How … Continue Reading

2019 ASICS SMA Conference

Location: Novotel Twin Waters, Sunshine Coast QLD

The 2019 ASICS SMA Conference is the leading multi-disciplinary conference in Australasia. Year-on-year, the SMA Conference is a platform for the world’s most celebrated researchers and practitioners to network and exchange ideas. The multi-disciplinary nature of the conference is a real highlight with representation from a range of disciplines: from sports and exercise physicians, doctors … Continue Reading

Managing Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome Commonly Known as ‘Shin Splints’

Location: Sydney West Sports Medicine Centre - 12N Parade, Rooty Hill, NSW 2766

Shin splints are a common cause of complaint for many athletes, especially those who play sports that involve a lot of running. Podiatrist, Matthew Roumanus joins SMA and Sydney West Sports Medicine (SWSM) for this evening seminar to discuss: Differential diagnoses Causes (outlining different forces acting on the area i.e. ground reaction, compressive and tensile … Continue Reading

Hydration Monitoring and Advice

Location: Sydney West Sports Medicine Centre - 12N Parade, Rooty Hill, NSW 2766

Dietitian Stephanie Hage joins SMA and Sydney West Sports Medicine (SWSM) for an evening focused on the importance of hydration during exercise as well and the impact it has on athlete performance. Stephanie will discuss: Effects of dehydration and impact on performance Effects of over-hydration Methods for testing hydration status (including urine specific gravity and … Continue Reading