Sports Trainer Courses

Sports Medicine Australia offers the following Sports Trainer courses:

Sports Trainers are the product of SMA™s Safer Sport Program. The Safer Sport Program (SSP) was developed by SMA to create a safe playing field in which all Australians can actively and freely participate, encourage recreational and physical activity, and to educate community members about healthy lifestyle choices with the associated benefits of reduced lifestyle disease. The SSP aims to achieve this by providing courses for all people involved or interested in sport and recreation with a distinct emphasis on gaining practical skills, such as sports injury prevention, immediate injury management and crisis management techniques, as well as promoting the health and lifestyle disease prevention benefits of physical and recreation activity.

Sports Trainers graduating from the SSP are for the most part volunteers. The actual training comes from SMA™s professional members and provides practical skills and knowledge that enables the Sports Trainer to help to reduce the incidence and limit the severity of sports injuries to participants.

The Sports Trainer provides a crucial link between the coach, player and health professional. The Sports Trainer’s prime responsibility is to make sport safer. This is achieved by:

  • Implementing appropriate injury prevention protocols
  • Preparing players for competition
  • Providing the appropriate immediate management of injuries
  • Providing immediate crisis management of severe injuries
  • Informed referral of injuries to a more qualified health professional for further advice and management
  • Working in conjunction with health professionals (e.g. physiotherapist or GP) to ensure a safe return to play for injured players
  • Educating players and coaching staff in relation to return to play principles.

SMA’s experience is that without the appropriate immediate care provided by accredited Sports Trainers, players/athletes at the community level run the risk of suffering from an otherwise preventable injury, thereby limiting the lifestyle disease prevention benefits they receive from participation in sport.

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