What is Sports Medical Coverage?

Sports Medical Coverage is a service offered by SMA which enables us to provide Sports Trainers for first aid and medical (in some States) coverage at sporting and public events.

SMA supplied Sports Trainers have current Apply First Aid and a minimum of Level 1 Sports Trainer accreditation. They have extensive experience in managing sporting injuries and incidents and are all trained to provide quality, immediate injury care to athletes.

In addition, Sports Trainers also have training in both preventive, and injury management taping.

In some States we are also able to provide Nurses, Physiotherapists and Doctors for professional injury treatment.

What are the benefits of Sports Trainer Coverage?

As an event organiser, you are well aware of your legal liability. By having a dedicated team of Sports Trainers on hand, you can minimise risks and provide medical and first-aid treatment the moment an injury occurs.

Our team provides all the relevant medical equipment and supplies required for your event, and wear highly visible SMA uniforms so they are easily identifiable.

You will also have a Sports Medicine Coordinator assigned to your event to look after the administration and logistics involved with the Sports Trainer personnel.

How do we cover you?

All our personnel are SMA accredited, and fully competent in sporting injury prevention and management.

Sports Trainers have skills and knowledge in the areas of sports taping, soft tissue injuries, on-field transport, nutrition and hydration, stings and allergies, as well as first aid skills such as CPR, wound and fracture management.

All of our personnel are fully covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance.

What events can we provide Sports Trainer Coverage for?

Sports Trainer services can be used for any sporting or community event, whether at a local, regional or state level. Some major events that SMA has provided Sports Trainer services for in the past include:

  • Australian, Pan Pacific and World Masters Games
  • Australian University Games
  • Australian Paralympic Youth Games

What does Sports Medical Coverage Cost?

As costs differ depending on event requirements, SMA is able to provide you with a detailed quote upon request. A Sports Medical Coverage Request Form can be downloaded by clicking on the following link.

Sports Medical Coverage Request Form

Request forms should be received at least 4 weeks prior to the event. For large events (including multi-sport events), a minimum of 3 months’ notice should be given.

Upon receiving the request form, further information and a quote for services based on the requirements outlined on the request form will be forwarded to the contact details provided.

Contact Information

For any questions or further information regarding Sports Medical Coverage please contact our Safer Sport Team on 1300 711 211 or email safersport@sma.org.au

Are you a current accredited Sports Trainer?

If you are a current accredited SMA Level 1 or Level 2 Sports Trainer and would like to apply for Sports Medical Coverage positions please go to our jobs board to look for current opportunities.

SMA Jobs Board