Level 1 Sports Trainer Re-Accreditation 

Course Outline 

Sports Medicine Australia’s (SMA) Sports Trainer accreditation is valid for 3 years and should be updated before the expiry date. The SMA re-accreditation procedure involves demonstrating competency in the skills of a Level 1 Sports Trainer and provides the opportunity to update your skills and knowledge with the latest techniques and information. 

Course Prerequisites 

  • Current SMA Level 1 Sports Trainer accreditation or an accreditation which has expired for less than 6 months 
  • HLTAID003 or HLTAID011 Provide First Aid (completed within 3 years) 
  • HLTAID001 or HLTAID009 Provide CPR (completed within 12 months) 
  • Letter of industry experience from their employer or club/association detailing at least 50+ hours of work (paid or unpaid) as a Sports Trainer in the last 12 months. Please contact the local SMA Office (in the region the course is to be held) prior to enrolling in the course if you are unable to provide this 

Please note: evidence of the above prerequisites must be provided to SMA prior to attendance at a course. Students who do not provide sufficient evidence of the required prerequisites will have their enrolment deemed incomplete. Students who do not complete the enrolment process within 15 business days of the course start date, will be unenrolled 


SMA Sports Trainer Membership is highly encouraged for all working Sports Trainers, from community level sport right through to those involved in elite level competition. A major benefit of Sports Trainer Membership is the specially tailored insurance package which has been carefully designed for working Sports Trainers and is available for accredited SMA sports trainers (either Level 1 Sports Trainer and/or Level 2 Sports Trainer). 

Take advantage of a 20% discount on your Sport Trainer Membership ($120 instead of $150) when purchasing an already discounted “course plus membership bundle” at the point of registration to any of SMA’s Sports Trainer or Sports Trainer Reaccreditation Courses on offer. Once the bundle is purchased, membership discount will be applied to all future Sports Trainer or Sports Trainer Reaccreditation Course registrations. Find out more about Sports Trainer Membership here. 



Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive a Sports Medicine Australia Level 1 Sports Trainer qualification (valid for 3 years). 



To enrol, students must be a minimum of 16 years of age. Children under 16 may be accepted on a case-by-case basis upon application to thelocal SMA office (in the state where the course is to be held). This ensures the student has the necessary skills to undertake the training and assessment requirements. 

Delivery Mode/Duration

SMA now offers two methods for re-accreditation, so you can choose the option that suits you. 

OPTION 1 – Internal Accreditation 

This option allows sports trainers to attend a 4-hour face to face re-accreditation course. 

OPTION 2 – External Accreditation 

This option allows sports trainers to re-accredit external to a course by being assessed on a set of competencies by an approved health care professional. Please contact your local SMA Office if you wish to undertake an external re-accreditation. 



Students will be assessed as follows: 

  • Lecturer observation and practical assessment. 
  • Written assessment 


Course Resources

Students are provided with the following course resources for internal re-accreditation: 

  • Sports tape and associated materials 
  • Stretcher 

Students who chose to undertake an external re-accreditation must source the required resources themselves. 



Please read and be familiar with all our training policies.