SMA Members have access to a range of publications and media that keep them up-to-date with developments in sports medicine and sports science.  These include:

Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport (JSAMS)

The Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport (JSAMS) is published by Sports Medicine Australia. JSAMS provides high quality, original research papers to keep members and subscribers informed of developments in the areas of sports exercise and medicine, sports injury, physical activity, and sports exercise and science.  Produced monthly, it reflects our commitment to encouraging world-class research and to the continuing education of its members. JSAMS is the most cited research publication on sport medicine and sports science in Australia, and in the Thomson Reuters subject category “Sports Science” (which was released in June 2019). In 2021 JSAMS received an impact factor of 4.579, an increase from 4.319 in 2020. It has maintained its top quartile ranking among the 88 journals in the sports science citation index category.

Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport Plus (JSAMS Plus)

JSAMS Plus is an official journal of Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) and a companion title to the highly-respected Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport (JSAMS). It is an online-based scientific journal that focuses on quick publication of high-quality research and on facilitating rapid scientific exchange about published results and their meaning. The choice of article categories was made to reflect these intentions and allow the submission of manuscripts from studies that may not meet typical journal article structures everywhere.

Sports Medicine for Sports Trainers

Sports Medicine for Sports Trainers provides an easily accessible, comprehensive and highly illustrated introduction to sports medicine and is the leading reference text in its field.  Whether training for certification or accreditation as a Sports Trainer, or seeking an up-to-date manual on athlete care in a community sports context, this text makes all the information available in one handy resource.

The manual is available for purchase from SMA.