Student Membership is a membership category primarily aimed at people studying in the sports medicine and sports science area, however, people studying in other areas can also qualify.

Student Membership is available to both Australian and International Students.

Member Benefits

Student Members receive the following member benefits:


Eligibility for Student Membership is as follows:

  • To be eligible for Student Membership, applicants must be enrolled in full-time education. Educational institutions which will be considered include Universities, TAFEs, and Business Academies.
  • Examples of relevant degrees eligible for consideration include: Bachelor of Health Science, Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, Bachelor of Physical Education, Bachelor of Psychology, Bachelor of Podiatry. (Please note this list is not exhaustive).
  • Acceptance of the SMA Code of Ethics.
  • No criminal convictions.
  • No ruling of action determined to be injurious or prejudicial to the objects or interests of SMA, its Members or Sport Medicine, or which brings SMA into disrepute.

Membership Fees

Currently, the cost of Student Membership is free.

Joining SMA

Becoming a member is easy via our secure online portal. When completing your online application, please include the relevant degree you are currently studying and your anticipated completion date.

Payment can be made through MasterCard or Visa credit card. Alternatively, you can choose to have an invoice emailed to you with other payment options.

For further enquiries, please contact our Membership Team on (03) 9764 8702 or email:

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