Professional Membership is the category for professionals in the sports medicine and sports science industry. The professions of most Professional Members include: Physiotherapists, GPs, Sports Doctors, Sports Physicians, Exercise Scientists, Sports Dietitians, Sports Psychologists, Podiatrists, Physical Activity Academics and Researchers, Public Health Experts, Orthopaedic Surgeons and Teachers.

To be eligible for Professional Membership, applicants must have completed an approved tertiary degree that is recognised and approved by the SMA National Board, and be prepared to comply with the SMA Code of Ethics and uphold the vision, mission and values of Sports Medicine Australia.

Member Benefits

Professional Members receive the following benefits:


Eligibility for Professional (Full) Membership is as follows:

  • Completion of a recognised and approved, three-year (minimum) full-time tertiary degree.
  • Acceptance of the SMA Code of Ethics.
  • No criminal convictions.
  • No ruling of action determined to be injurious or prejudicial to the objects or interests of SMA, its members or Sports Medicine, or which brings SMA into disrepute.

Membership Fees

The cost of a Professional (Full) Membership is $250 per year plus a once off $40 Joining fee.

Joining SMA

Becoming a member is easy via our secure online portal. You can pay via MasterCard or Visa Credit Card. Alternatively, you can choose to have an invoice emailed to you with other payment options.

For further enquiries please contact our Membership Team on (03) 9764 8702 or email

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