AIMedical International Pty Ltd

Contact: Mat van Heerden
Address: 44 Stanley Street, Glengowrie SA 5044
Phone: 08 8294 8664
Email: [email protected]

AIMedical International combines a dynamic mix of technology and innovation resulting in an array of equipment never before seen in one place. Operating across the medical, rehabilitation, sport science and research sectors AIM has long been the leader in supporting only the best brands and manufacturer’s in Australia and New Zealand. Alongside quality equipment, superior customer service and technical support is our number one focus – keeping our customers working seamlessly and to their full potential. Our AIM is your success

Comfort Feet Podiatry Group

Contact: Kelvin Hong
Phone: 0410 180 808
Email: [email protected]

Comfort Feet is an award-winning leading-edge Podiatry Group that specialises in the diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle and lower extremity using the latest innovative technology such as 3D Biomechanics Assessment, Shock Wave Therapy and Therapeutic Ultrasound Treatment. Our team of Podiatrists are passionate about helping clients achieve the best possible outcomes for their foot health.   Our feet are the pivotal support system of our body and especially in motion, carry all of our weight. Like wheels to a car, our feet are our only contact to the ground. Feet that are not supported effectively through the younger ages, especially in active sports; may cause prolonged health issues affecting knees, hip joints, ankles and the back.

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Contact: Annamieke Wilds
Address: 1/33 Machinery Street, QLD, 4076
Phone: 03 9596 91108
Email: [email protected]

At PhysiGo, we take great pride in our team, and we have a wide range of experience and skills in software, hardware and business development. This experience enables our team to be effective and adaptive to our customer’s needs. We thrive on being presented with a problem and developing an innovative solution. No challenge is too big for us!

Our solution for elite sports (the RPE) is currently being used to help train elite athletes at British Athletics to great effect. Tommy Yule, Head of Performance Support at British Athletics, said “We are very pleased to be working with PhysiGo, who share our vision for data-driven performance improvement. PhysiGo has shown a capability to combine product innovation and flexibility with meeting the exacting standards of elite performance athletes”.

Our motivation at PhysiGo is to help wherever possible and create non-exclusive solutions to make a positive difference in people’s lives. We continue to partner with various hospitals and universities to develop innovative solutions for the future.

QLD Academy of Sport

Contact: Ms Maleah Harris
Address: PO Box 9956, Sunnybank QLD
Phone: 07 9524 4620
Fax: 07 9525 9998
Email: [email protected]

The Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) is the breeding ground for producing the sporting champions of today and tomorrow. Supporting more than 600 athletes across 21 different sports and through individual scholarships, the Academy provides its athletes with access to world-class sporting facilities, coaching and support services. QAS also houses the first state-based Centre of Excellence for Applied Sport Science Research (COE) of its kind in Australia.

Unichi Wellness Pty Ltd

Contact: Serena Wang
Address: Level 5, 15 Orion Road, Lane Cove West, NSW 2066
Phone: (02) 9428 5896
Email: [email protected]

Unichi Wellness is a boutique Australian company specializing in developing premium health supplements for the global customers.
Unichi employs the Australian Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-a set of principles and procedures to ensure the products are of the highest manufacturing quality.
Unichi health products are also listed by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), a government regulatory body for pharmaceutical products, meaning the products are subject to the strictest medical standards in the world.

Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre

Contact: Dr Andrew Jowett
Address: AAMI Park, 60 Olympic Boulevard Melbourne, VIC 3004
Phone: 03 9420 4300
Email: [email protected]

Founded in 1987, Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre (OPSMC) is committed to providing world-class sports and exercise medicine (SEM) care for everyone, from the elite athlete to all members of the community, enabling active people to remain active throughout their life, for life.

OPSMC provides a patient-centred multidisciplinary approach through integrated team solutions to your health, fitness and sporting goals allowing you to quickly and safely return to/improve on your active life.

The team at OPSMC includes Sport & Exercise Medicine (SEM) PhysiciansPhysiotherapistsPodiatristsDietitiansPsychologistsHand TherapistsRemedial Massage TherapistsMyotherapistsExercise PhysiologistsClinical Pilates InstructorsOrthopaedic Surgeons & Cardiologists.

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