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  • Job Type: Part Time
  • Company: Peak Performance Podiatry
  • Location: Australian Capital Territory
  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Qualifications: See details below
  • Salary: See details below

Peak Performance Podiatry – Senior Podiatrist Grade 3 (Musculoskeletal) Permanent Part Time Position (November 2022 – January 2023 Start)


A Sports & Exercise podiatry clinic in Canberra – we believe health is about the state of your whole body. A philosophy utilising the concept that exercise is medicine. We have access to latest lower limb objective testing technology and have the highest qualified practitioners in Canberra.


Vision & Purpose:

Good People Providing quality, Innovative and sustainable excellence in Sports & Exercise Medicine.
Staying true to our core values in business has helped us create a company we’re proud to run and work for.


To be the center of excellence for bridging the gap between science and practical application of Sports & Exercise Podiatry

Core Values:

  1. Create The Best Service – Our criteria for the best service rests on functional, sustainable and personalised to the individual and is backed by evidence using tried and tested processes.
  2. To Grow Our Profession – The challenges we face as a podiatry profession require leadership. We create and innovate our skills and improve our service to be at the forefront of podiatry.
  3. Challenge The Convention – Our success depends on embracing critical thinking and questioning to develop new ways.
  4. Sustainable Impact & Balanced Life – Creating sustainable interventions that last and building a culture of collaboration with our patients. But concurrently our clinicians embrace a positive approach to work life balance to ensure patients get the optimal outcomes!


We provide Canberra with a special focus on sports and exercise podiatry services and education. We want to help people be active and to stay active and to be on the forefront of Sports & Exercise Podiatry. We have a vast and extensive professional network for when a multidisciplinary approach is required to help assist you to achieve your goals. Our practitioners pride themselves on excellent communication to their patients to develop an personalised treatment plans. Our Dickson location is a fully set up rehabilitation gymnasium and has gait analysis.

Our Sports & Exercise Podiatry clinic in Canberra has Podiatrists, Accredited Sports Scientists and Professional Strength & Conditioning Coaches to prescribe, supervise exercise and rehabilitation programs.

We are at the forefront of Sports & Exercise Podiatry in Canberra.


We have 2-4 clinical days available. How you choose to practice is up to you in terms of your caseload and focus. 5 day weeks are unfortunately not available at our practice as we do not believe in a 5 day working week for both admin or clinical staff.

Marketing will be directed to your interest areas. How much admin time to block off and how much clinical time is up to you, however we only open from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday – Friday so how you structure your day is again up to you.

You will be responsible for determining your hours and caseload as well as how you are marketed. You can pick and choose how you operate within our vision and organisational culture.

Additional renumeration can be applied for further roles in marketing, management and business ownership if wanted.


All renumeration below is based off a standard 38 hour 5 day week and will be pro-rata to the amount of days/hours you do.

  • Grade 1 – Podiatrist – $75,000 – $85,000 p/a ($37.96 – $43.01 p/h) Retainer, 40% Commission + Super (no contracting option available)
  • Grade 2 – Associate Podiatrist – $86,000 – $95,000 p/a ($43.50 – $48.08 p/h) Retainer, 42% Commission + Super (or 47% + GST contractor option)
  • Grade 3 – Senior Podiatrist – $96,000 – $105,000 p/a ($48.59 – $53.14 p/h) Retainer, 45% Commission + Super (or 50% + GST contractor option)
  • Grade 4 – Managing Podiatrist – $106,000 – $115,000+ p/a ($53.64 – $58.20 p/h) Retainer, 48% Commission + Super (or 52% + GST contractor option)

This role is predominantly for a Grade 3 Senior Podiatrist where the expectation is a minimum of 4-5 years experience as a podiatrist with a special interest in MSK practice (S&C + Sports science is a bonus). You are an active participant in CPD in your area of focus and are willing to contribute to our profession’s professional development with opportunities.

Your retainer is is your weekly minimum renumeration (as well as your pay for leave, sick pay etc), your commission will be paid if you bill higher than your retainer. For clinical podiatry this is the most fair way to be remunerated as the more you work the more you will be remunerated but you will still have a base retainer to fall back on.

We unfortunately do not pay salary for our podiatrists as it is unfair on them and the business. Salary is an inappropriate business model for clinical podiatry renumeration as that does not match our organisational values.

We also offer a full contracting arrangements also if you are an ABN or ACN.

Your KPI is based on patient retention, outcomes and a 1:2.5 (retainer : gross revenue on average).


  • Minimum 4-5 years experience in clinical podiatry with a special focus in MSK (2-3 year experienced pods are welcomed to apply if you feel your experience & skills matches our values, criteria and needs).
  • Degree qualified in podiatry with AHPRA Registration as a General Podiatrist (and appropriate insurances)
  • Membership with Sports & Exercise Podiatry Australia (SEPA) and Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) (AND/OR a similar professional focussed organisation)
  • Additional undergraduate or post graduate training in sports medicine, S&C, sports science, MSK or similar (post grad diploma, bachelor of sports & exercise science, masters degree in sports medicine, rehabilitation accreditation, strength & conditioning accreditation or similar etc).
  • A summary of how you intend to grow in your role in your special focus area.

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