• Location: Online - via Zoom

Sports Medicine Australia is excited to present the next event series in collaboration with the Queensland State Council, the SMA-QLD Professional Development Series. The first event of this series is “4 Simple Ways to Improve ACLR Outcomes”.

This event will be presented by Mick Hughes and hosted by Anthony Leicht.

In this 1-hr presentation, you will develop an understanding of what evidence-based ACLR rehab looks like, how to introduce knee extensions and plyometric exercises safely into ACLR programs, and what discharge tests you should be looking to do as the ACLR athlete nears a return to sport.

There will be an opportunity for Q&A after the presentation.
This event is free for SMA Members and $50 for Non-Members. Registration is essential!


Mick Hughes is an APA titled Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist and is the co-founder of the online education platform Learn.Physio.

He consults at the North Queensland Physiotherapy Centre, and has a strong clinical interest in ACL injury prevention and rehabilitation, seeing approximately 20-30 ACL injured patients a week. With his passion of improving outcomes in ACL injured patients, he helped develop the Melbourne ACL Rehabilitation Guide with Learn.Physio co-founder, and APA titled Specialist Sports Physiotherapist, Randall Cooper.

Outside of his clinical role and sharing online education, Mick loves nothing more than spending his time with his wife and young family.

  • SMA Members: Free
  • Non-Members: $50