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Sports Medicine Australia is thrilled to be continuing this brand new professional development initiative ‘Queensland Emerging Leader Series’. This series aims to cover a broad range of academic and practical topics surrounding sports medicine while highlighting the next generation of sports medicine professionals and their work, each month will cover a different topic. This series is ideal for students, sports trainers and sports medicine professionals looking to expand their industry knowledge.

In part two we will be joined by Dr Malia Ho as she presents ‘A step in the right direction? Comparing 3D and traditionally made orthoses’ a study which explores the function of orthoses in individuals and the evidence there is to support new emerging technology that is commonly used in clinical practice.

Custom made foot orthoses are frequently used in the management of foot and ankle injuries. These are traditionally made from plaster casts of the foot and heated molded thermoplastic material.  3D printing technology has recently been used to fabricate foot orthoses, from digital scans of the foot. More clinicians and orthotic fabrication facilities are using this new technology to fabricate foot orthoses. However, there is a lack of evidence looking at the efficacy of 3D printed orthoses compared to traditionally made foot orthoses. This study compares the comfort and biomechanical changes to the foot between no orthoses, 3D printed and traditionally made foot orthoses in individuals with flat feet and heel pain.  The results will and increase the awareness of the function of orthoses in individuals with at feet and assist clinicians in their decision making process in orthotic prescription.


Dr Malia HO is the Head of Course Podiatry in CQ University. She obtained a Bachelor of Podiatry (Hons) from the University of Salford (UK) in 1998. She subsequently completed her Masters (by research) at the National University of Singapore and her PhD in Physical Education and Sports Science at the Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). She was a podiatrist for 18 years in Singapore. The last 8 years was spent working in Singapore Sports Medicine Centre, Singapore’s premier sports medicine clinic, where she treated mostly elite athletes as part of the sports medicine team. Malia’s research areas of interest are in quantitative gait analyses of the lower limb especially relating to orthoses use.

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