• Location: University of Canberra, Building 12, Level B, Room 50

Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) is proud to present this Mental Health in Sport workshop, presented by Registered Sport and Exercise Psychologist Kristen Peterson, PhD together with Gemma Cross, Clinical Psychology Registrar and Mental Health Advisor with the Australian Institute of Sport.

This interactive workshop will explore the issue of mental health in sport, why we should care and what we can do to overcome stigma and make a positive contribution.

Gemma and Kirsten will draw on evidence and their work with athletes and organisations to examine the prevalence and impact of mental health on sport performance and participation, and provide practical advice about how to recognise, relate and intervene with someone who is struggling or who might be suicidal and will share advice about things people can do to positively impact their own mental health and well-being.

This event is delivered face to face only and is free to all ACT attendees thanks to support from the ACT Government.


Kirsten Peterson is a registered psychologist, endorsed sport and exercise psychologist, and principal sole trader for Kirsten Peterson Consulting.  Prior to her current role, Kirsten worked as a senior sport psychologist with the US Olympic Committee, and more recently headed up the performance psychology team for the Australian Institute of Sport.  Kirsten’s current practice consists of performance psychology and executive coaching services for individuals and consulting to organisations in the areas of “happy, healthy, high performance,” culture, and team building, and education to groups in the areas of performance enhancement, mindfulness, neuroscience, and mental health.

Gemma is a Clinical Psychology Registrar and Mental Health Advisor with the Australian Institute of Sport, based in Canberra. She has experience providing individual therapy and group based therapeutic programs within private practice and through the national youth mental health foundation, Headspace.

Gemma is passionate about reducing stigma surrounding mental health and promoting the importance of early intervention.

Registration is ESSENTIAL

Registration is free to delegates in the ACT, thanks to support from the ACT Government.

 Registration closes on Friday March 26 at 12pm (AEDT).