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RED-S (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport) has historically been considered a female issue, but can affect athletes of all genders. Caused by low energy availability, athletes may experience reduced performance, coordination, concentration and increased injury risk.

This event will be presented by a sports physician, psychologist and dietitian to provide a comprehensive overview of the nature, risk factors, presentation and multidisciplinary management of RED-S.

Time Topic Speaker
6:55pm – 7:00pm Introduction and Welcome
7:00pm – 7:30pm Overview and Medical Management of RED-S Dr Andrew Garnham
7:30pm – 8:00pm Psychological Management of RED-S Dr Emma Steer
8:00pm – 8:30pm Dietary Management of RED-S Jessica Rothwell
8:30pm – 9:00pm Q&A Dr Andrew Garnham, Dr Emma Steer and Jessica Rothwell


Jess is a passionate sports dietitian with an excitement for supporting individuals to achieve optimal health and performance, which stems from her experiences growing up on a dairy farm as well as competing internationally in the sport of race walking. She enjoys working with a variety of athletes to help develop realistic and achievable strategies that are complementary to their lifestyle, health and  training/competition goals. Jess is currently working with the Athletics and Women’s Hockey Program at the Victorian Institute of Sport, Athletics Australia, AFLW Richmond, is also the in – house Sports Dietitian at Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA) and consults at Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre.

Andrew is a Sport & Exercise Physician at Alphington Sports Medicine, with an interest in individual performance-based sports, coming from a running and cycling background.

Andrew works with the Australian Ballet and Australian Ballet School, Melbourne United Basketball, and professional cycling events from an injury and health management perspective.

Muscle metabolism research, looking at response to both exercise and disease environments is a major focus, with ACU, Victoria, Deakin and Monash Universities.

Emma has worked with children, adolescents and young adults in clinical and educational settings for over sixteen years. She is endorsed as a Clinical and Educational and Developmental Psychologist and a professional psychology supervisor. Emma is passionate about educating and supporting young people to develop positive mental health, resiliency and optimal functioning. Emma works with the general population of children, adolescents and young adults as well as elite and amateur athletes and performing artists. Emma is affiliated with various universities and educational organisations and has current and past involvement as a board member for universities, community and not-for profit organisations. Emma currently practices at Olympic Park Sports Centre and Lauriston Girls’ School. Emma has had previous competitive involvement in triathlon and running and continues to enjoy running and being active.

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