• Location: Online - via Zoom

Sports Medicine Australia and Sports and Exercise Podiatry Australia (SEPA) are excited to present an expert live-taping webinar with certified sports podiatrist, Kurt Robertson.

Kurt has been taping for more than 20 years with professional rugby league players and in the last 15 years has honed this skill on the foot and ankle in multiple sports. Taping can be an effective unloading method utilised in foot and ankle injuries and Kurt will share some of his knowledge on how to take a biomechanical approach to common and not-so-common foot and ankle pathologies: 

  • Medial, lateral, anterior and posterior ankle injuries including techniques for tendinopathies, ligament injuries and joint impingements
  • Midfoot pathologies and forefoot pathologies including turf toe, plantar plate, sesamoids and lateral forefoot pathologies

There may also be time for special requests or live troubleshooting.  

This event is $20 for SMA Members and $50 for Non-Members. Registration is essential!


Kurt has a passion for the rehabilitation of injuries and also preventative interventions.

Having worked with professional athletes for over 20 years in many capacities, Kurt brings that experience to his work as a sports podiatrist. He completed his post graduate study in Musculoskeletal Management through the Sports Medicine Program at the University of Otago and is a certified sports podiatrist accredited by the Australian Podiatry Association.

Having taped athletes in preparation for competition and as part of the rehabilitation of injuries, Kurt will demonstrate specific techniques used in these scenarios. 

  • SMA Members: $20  
  • Non-Members: $50