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Sports Medicine Australia is thrilled to provide the opportunity for SMA Student and Recent Graduate members to present their research as part of our new series- Next Gen in Sports Research. This event will give student researchers the opportunity to present their work to the wider Sports Medicine Australia community and showcase up and coming research. 


  1. Dr Megan Ross
  2. Mr Michael O’Brien
  3. Mr Paul Taylor

Please see more about each presenter and topic in the Speaker tab.

This event is free for SMA Members and $20 for Non-Members. 

This event will be held from 1:30-2:30pm (AEDT) via Zoom 

Please ensure you check the time zone. Upon booking a calendar link will be available to save to your time zone. 

If you are interested in presenting your work at another event please email [email protected] for more information


Clinical tests for tibialis posterior tendinopathy: Are They Reliable, and How Well Are They Reflected in Structural Changes on Imaging?

Tibialis posterior tendinopathy is characterised by pain on the medial aspect of the foot and ankle that increases with activities that load the tendon (e.g. a heel raise). This presentation will give an overview of the reliability of clinical tests used to diagnose the condition and how well they align with structural changes on imaging.

Physical impairments in adults with hip dysplasia undergoing periacetabular osteotomy (PAO): A systematic review and meta-analysis

This review investigated the differences between patients with hip dysplasia undergoing PAO, (i) compared to asymptomatic participants, and (ii) pre- vs post-PAO. I will present our findings for walking, hip strength, hip range of motion and clinical tests.

Effects of Multimodal Physical and Cognitive Fitness Training on Subjective Well-being, Burnout and Resilience in a Military Cohort

This study showed that a 4 week training program significantly enhanced measures of mood and resilience and reduced burnout risk in serving military aviators.

SMA Members: Free

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