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Sports Medicine Australia is thrilled to provide the opportunity for members to present their latest research. This event will give researchers the opportunity to present their work to the wider Sports Medicine Australia community and showcase up and coming research.  

The presenters for this event are Dr Brooke Patterson, Dr Joshua Heerey and Rachael Cowan.

This event is $20 SMA Members and $50 for Non-Members. 

This event will be held from 7:00pm – 8:00pm AEST via Zoom 

Please ensure you check the time zone. Upon booking a calendar link will be available to save to your time zone. 


Dr Patterson is a physiotherapist and research fellow at the La Trobe University Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre.

After working in a variety of public, private, and sports settings, she completed her PhD in 2020, investigating the risk of arthritis at a young age after ACL injury, and how physiotherapist-led interventions can help improve outcomes beyond the typical rehabilitation period. Brooke has sustained an ACL injury herself, played in the first three seasons of the women’s national Australian Football League, and is now coaching.

Currently, she is coordinating an injury prevention clinical trial in women’s community Australian football.

Dr Joshua Heerey is a physiotherapist and Hip Osteoarthritis Research and Development Lead at La Trobe University’s Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

Dr Heerey obtained his PhD in 2021, with his research program focussing on understanding the relationship between hip joint imaging findings and pain, and risk factors for development of early hip osteoarthritis in football players.  He has published numerous articles examining the diagnosis and treatment of intra-articular hip conditions and is a current member of the International Hip-Related Pain Research Network and Young Athlete’s Hip Research Collaboration, which are multi-disciplinary international research teams created to improve the care of people living with hip and groin conditions.

Dr Heerey works clinically at Lifecare Prahran Sports Medicine Clinic. He has a particular interest in the management of longstanding hip and groin conditions.

Rachael is a physiotherapist and anatomist, who recently submitted her PhD thesis for examination at La Trobe University.

Her research area of interest is gluteal tendons and muscles and included a collaborative project with The Australian Ballet.  Rachael has won multiple international and national awards for her research investigating hormone therapy and exercise as interventions for post-menopausal women with greater trochanteric pain syndrome.

Clinically, Rachael is a physiotherapist with Football Australia, working with the Australian Women’s National Football Teams, and consults at a private physiotherapy clinic in Geelong, Victoria.

  • SMA Members: $20
  • Non-Members: $50