#HealthyAtHome – Desk Stretches

With many people now working from home, many are spending the day hunched over their desk. Territory Sportsmedicine’s Lauren Peterson shows us how we can stretch at our desk to stay active and pain free. These stretches are vital during isolation and take as little as 20 seconds! How good is that, try them out … Continue Reading

Vitamin D Q&A with Chris Fonda APD

Sports Medicine Australia has teamed up with Accredited Sports Dietitian Chris Fonda to bring you tips to stay #HealthyAtHome. Chris will answer questions regarding to Vitamin D and the challenges we face during COVID-19 and during self-isolation.

SMA member interview with NT Australian of the Year

SMA Member Dr Geoffrey Thompson was recently recognised as the 2020 NT Australian of the year for his role in evacuating people during the wake of cyclone Tracey in 1974. Since then he’s been an amazing achiever, combing his passion for aviation and medicine, flying his own small planes to indigenous communities and running medical … Continue Reading