Introduction to Sports Taping

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This course offers the beginner technical and practical advice for use when taping athletes. This course covers the introduction to taping techniques for ankle, finger & thumb as well as the principles and application of taping. This is ideal course for players, parents and first aiders who are taping athletes.

The main purpose of sports taping and the chance of injury is reduced in three main ways:

  1. Mechanical reinforcement
  2. Feedback to the brain
  3. Confidence – the psychological reassurance that allows an athlete to move naturally rather than compensate for an injury that might happen.

Course content includes:

  • Some of the disadvantages you need to consider when applying tape.
  • Tape andtape handling
  • Principles for removing tape
  • Common taping terms
  • Priorities in taping

Taping specific to an injury

  • Circulation
  • Functionality
  • Comfort
  • Expert advice
  • Athlete preference
  • Speed
  • Cost

Practical Application

  • Fingers (proximal interphalangeal joint)
  • Thumb (MCP, CMC and thenar muscles)
  • Ankle Inversion

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