Football First Responder Course


The Football First Responder Course has been developed jointly by Football Federation Australia (FFA) and Sports Medicine Australia (SMA). It is a great opportunity for parents, coaches, club staff or anyone involved with the game to learn some basic skills and knowledge to assess and treat an injured player.

This 2.5 hour interactive course can be held at a time convenient for your group with an indoor venue provided by your club.

The program will be delivered at rate of $25.00 per person (courses with 20 or more participants will receive a free First Aid Kit valued at $185.00).

This course is NOT a Provide First Aid Course. However, it is a great introduction to First Aid Principles and will provide you with the basic skills to:

  • Initially care for an injured player;
  • Know when to refer the player for medical attention; and
  • Determine when to call for an ambulance.


The course will enable you to:

  • Develop emergency planning skills;
  • Gain an understanding of hygiene and procedures to reduce contamination and infection;
  • Practice methods of initially dealing with Football Specific Injuries;
  • Use safe methods to transport an injured player;
  • Develop Concussion Recognition and initial management skills; and
  • Recognise a Cardiac Arrest and practice initial response.

Further further details or to discuss facilitating a course for your group, please contact your local state branch.