SMA offer a number of online courses:

Get Smart
Get SMART is a non accredited course for people who have an interest or are involved in sport or physical activity but who hold no formal qualifications in sports medicine. It is aimed at teachers, coaches, parents, students, in fact any sports participants. Participation in this course will give you a greater awareness of injury prevention and immediate management as well as knowledge on a range of sports safety issues.

Sports Nutrition
In this online module participants will learn basic aspects of nutrition and hydration to optimise sporting performance. Participants will be educated in nutritional recommendations before, during and after exercise as well as the guidelines for fluid replacement.

Taping for Sport
Through instructional video this online course educates participants on how to correctly tape an ankle, thumb and finger in preparation for physical activity. Participants will learn how to help athletes prevent against minor injuries and return to sport safely.

Drugs in Sports
In this online module participants will develop an awareness of the consequences of drugs in sport and their effects on sporting performance. Participants will gain a greater awareness of the impact or recreational drugs on sport performance and doping control in sport.