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Sports Nutrition

In this online module participants will learn basic aspects of nutrition and hydration to optimise sporting performance. Participants will be educated in nutritional recommendations before, during and after exercise as well as the guidelines for fluid replacement.

Topics include:

• Identify different energy sources

• Recognise energy expenditure differences for a range of activities

• Recognise the signs and symptoms of dehydration

• Fluid replacement guidelines and different types of fluids

• Nutritional guidelines before, during and after physical activity

Cost: $33

If you have any questions about the content of this module email  getsmart@smawa.asn.au

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State Council

Deputy Chairperson: Mr Craig Wilson (Sports Physiotherapist)

Councilor: Mr Anthony McEvoy (Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist)
Councilor: Mr Ian Wee (Perth Integrated Health)
Councilor: Mr Robert Haagman (Podiatrist)
Councilor: Dr Sandra Mejak (Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician)
Councilor: Ms Sarah Harris (PHD Candidate, Exercise and Sports Science, University of Notre Dame)
Councilor: Mr Myles Murphy (Sports Physiotherapist)
Councilor: Ms Kathryn Ryding (Level 2 Sports Trainer, First Aid Trainer )