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What is Sports Medical Coverage?

Sports Medical Coverage is the provision of first aid and medical coverage at sporting events. The SMA Sports Medical Coverage service is widely used in WA by some of Perth’s major sporting events including Rottnest Channel Swim.  SMA personnel have a current First Aid certificate and a minimum Level 1 Sports Trainer accreditation. Our Sports Trainers have the knowledge and skills to apply appropriate First Aid and Emergency care of athletes. These skills also include the management of specific sporting injuries and the prevention of further injury from occurring.

Why use Sports Medical Coverage?

As well as helping to fulfill the “Duty of Care” and legal responsibility of an event, Sports Medical Coverage provides an important component of risk management strategy in decreasing the incidence of injury. By having a team of dedicated professionals on hand, you can minimise risks and provide immediate medical attention. As an event organiser, you are well aware of your legal liability – our team provides all the relevant medical equipment and supplies required for your event. All personnel wear uniforms that make them highly visible at all times and therefore easily identifiable by officials, participants and spectators.


How we cover you ……….

Sports Medicine Australia’s team of Sports Trainers are available not only to provide first aid coverage at your event, they also have skills and knowledge in the areas of sports taping, soft tissue injuries, nutrition and hydration, wound and fracture management. All our personnel are either Level 1 or Level 2 Sports Trainers and are SMA accredited. Sports Trainers are fully covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance.

SMA is committed to catering to the individual needs of each client and event. For high-risk events, SMA can provide Level 2 Sports Trainers, Physiotherapists and Doctors for professional injury treatment, which is vital for early recovery. Sports Trainers are trained to be on the move and attend to any first aid emergency as well as recommending ways to address prevention of injury.


Do you need medical coverage at an upcoming event?

Let SMA take care of all your medical needs by organising our fully qualified personnel to attend your event. Costs may differ depending on you specific individual needs and SMA is able to provide you with a detailed quote upon request. Please apply at least four weeks prior to your event for all sports medical coverage applications. You can either apply online or download an application below.


Apply for Sports Medical Coverage at your next event!


Safe sporting conditions means minimal injuries
 – cover your duty of care and legal responsibility.

Sports Medical Coverage is more than a first aid service.

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State Council

Deputy Chairperson: Mr Craig Wilson (Sports Physiotherapist)

Councilor: Mr Anthony McEvoy (Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist)
Councilor: Mr Ian Wee (Perth Integrated Health)
Councilor: Mr Robert Haagman (Podiatrist)
Councilor: Dr Sandra Mejak (Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician)
Councilor: Ms Sarah Harris (PHD Candidate, Exercise and Sports Science, University of Notre Dame)
Councilor: Mr Myles Murphy (Sports Physiotherapist)
Councilor: Ms Kathryn Ryding (Level 2 Sports Trainer, First Aid Trainer )