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Sports Medicine Australia is Australia’s peak national umbrella body for the prevention of lifestyle diseases through sports medicine and sports science and injury prevention. Sports Medicine Australia is widely acknowledged internationally as the world’s leading multi-disciplinary sports medicine body.

Sports Medicine Australia through its individual and organisational members is Australia’s peak advisory body on all medical and health issues for active people at all stages of life, with a focus on prevention of chronic lifestyle diseases.  The safe participation of Australians in sport and healthy physical activity to prevent obesity and lifestyle diseases associated with inactivity is the primary concern for all involved with Sports Medicine Australia.

Sports Medicine Australia can provide expert information, advice and commentary on a diverse range of issues. These range from government policy and funding for program and activities which lead to the prevention of chronic diseases, sports medicine and community activity through to sports health, health promotion,  gender equity, participation of the aged in sport, safe sport for children, to drugs in sport problems.

Sports Medicine Australia plays an active role in educating professionals and community members about safe participation in sport, recreation and physical activity to create healthier outcomes to help control and combat preventable chronic disease.

Sports Medicine Australia draws together all sports science and sports medicine professionals. These groups include:

  • orthopedic surgeons
  • physicians
  • doctors
  • physiotherapists
  • population health specialists
  • exercise physiologists
  • dietitians
  • academics
  • sports scientists
  • optometrists
  • dentists
  • podiatrists
  • psychologists
  • nurses
  • teachers
  • chiropractors

At a community level Sports Medicine Australia is responsible for creating a safe playing field in which all Australians can actively and freely participate, encouraging recreational and physical activity for the associated benefits of reducing preventable lifestyle diseases and educating community members about healthy lifestyle choices. The delivery of the Safer Sport message throughout Australia is achieved through the development and design of courses and educational resources for coaches, trainers, teachers and participants.

Sports Medicine Australia works to advance the health and activity of all Australians, and to support the continued professional development of persons interested in sports science, sports medicine and healthy activity.

Vision Statement

Sports Medicine Australia will build a vibrant community, including its members and other parties committed to sharing knowledge, training and information, to enhance the health of all Australians and prevent lifestyle diseases through facilitating their safe participation in sport and physical activity.

Mission Statement

Sports Medicine Australia is a national multidisciplinary organisation of professionals committed to working together to enhance the health of all Australians and prevent lifestyle diseases through safe participation in sport, recreation and physical activity.

Sports Medicine Australia will function as the peak body for:

  • Prevention of obesity and lifestyle diseases associated with inactivity
  • Promotion of well-being and optimal health through safe physical activity
  • Medical and health care of active persons at all levels
  • Medicine and science in physical activity, sport and active recreation


The corporate values governing SMA’s ongoing development will include the following:

  • SMA will always embrace integrity, fairness and equal access for all.
  • SMA will value all of its members and openly recognises the contribution each member makes to the continued success of SMA. Further, SMA will ensure it offers unbiased, multidisciplinary and timely information to its members that compliments knowledge gained by each of the specific disciplines. Membership is bound to SMA’s Code of ethics.
  • SMA will have a transparent relationship with all of its commercial partners to ensure it is professional, ethical, honest and fair, with regular and open communication while meeting all commitments.
  • SMA will seek to build relationships that are respectful while valuing each and every contribution by employees and volunteers. SMA values the passion, integrity, honesty and the highest commitment from this group to drive SMA to success. SMA will strive to be an open and approachable organisation, encouraging the sharing of information and knowledge.
  • As a not-for-profit organisation, ongoing financial sustainability must be ensured. SMA will build strong professional, long-term relationships with stakeholders, while delivering on its promises, being transparent and accountable, and true to SMA’s vision and mission.
  • SMA believes in the application of science and research to underpin and steer best practice in sports medicine and health education.

Contact Us

PO Box 57

Suite 6
565 Hay Street

Phone: (08) 9285 8033
Fax: (08) 9388 6088


State Council

Deputy Chairperson: Mr Craig Wilson (Sports Physiotherapist)

Councilor: Mr Anthony McEvoy (Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist)
Councilor: Mr Ian Wee (Perth Integrated Health)
Councilor: Mr Robert Haagman (Podiatrist)
Councilor: Dr Sandra Mejak (Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician)
Councilor: Ms Sarah Harris (PHD Candidate, Exercise and Sports Science, University of Notre Dame)
Councilor: Mr Myles Murphy (Sports Physiotherapist)
Councilor: Ms Kathryn Ryding (Level 2 Sports Trainer, First Aid Trainer )