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Aussie Sport Safety Courses shaping Singapore

Australian sport safety courses are available in Singapore following an agreement between Sports Medicine Australia ACT Branch (SMA ACT) and Alliance Sports Pte. Ltd. Alliance Sports Pte. Ltd, a Sports Physiotherapy clinic located in central Singapore, will host the training courses, with each participant being trained to deliver Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) courses to Australian standards.

Courses available are:

  • SMA Level 1 Sports Trainer
  • SMA level 2 Sports Trainer
  • Reaccreditation for Sport Trainer
  • Sports Massage

This opportunity will increase the number of trained volunteers within Singapore and provide them with the ability to implement appropriate safety measures, before, during and after competition. Participants will also be taught how to prevent sport injuries, administer sports taping, provide nutrition advice and coordinate injury transportation and injury management.

SMA CEO, Nello Marino said these types of sports safety courses are extremely valuable for everyone in sport. “A sports trainer’s role within sport is crucial. Having properly trained safety personnel on the sidelines is a key part of providing a safe environment, to prevent injuries, and limit the impact of injuries on players and their clubs,” said Mr. Marino.

“The emphasis on sports safety is becoming more and more evident, which is highlighted by our newly formed relationship with the Singapore sports community, and hopefully this is just the beginning, with many other countries following in their footsteps,” said Mr. Marino.




Sports Medicine Cultural Exchange with Fukuyama Heuseu University, Japan

These overseas exchanges not only build relationships which foster lasting, international friendships and acquaintances, however also enables Sports Medicine Australia to promote a sharing of knowledge throughout the world.

ACT – 5th Anniversary Japan Exchange – SMA Sports Health

In 2011 SMA-ACT EO travelled to Japan for the 5th Anniversary of this program and SMA-ACT EO travelled to Japan to celebrated this exchange with the University . This allowed SMA the chance to visit other Universities, who have joined the program.To find out more about this opportunity contact

The Japanese International Exchange:
2007 saw the start of an exciting new exchange program between students from Fukuyama Heisei University in Japan, and SMA-ACT Branch. The program, which was established to assist students studying to be athletic trainers, was so successful that on September 9th, a handful of students returned to Australia to take part in the 2008 program. The returning students acted as a valuable asset to the intercultural exchange which SMA-ACT started in 2007. Using feedback received from the experiences and expectations in 2007, SMA-ACT was able to tailor its Athletic Trainers program for 2008 to broaden the course learning outcomes, teaching curriculum and encourage student international experience, through the interaction with home stay families.


“It was really meaningful for us to have studied sports medicine at the seminar while we were able to learn the local cultures and languages and to promote an international exchange with the extremely friendly people.” “It was especially a precious experience for us to have been able to accompany one of the doctors to see their operations.” Mr Ishibashi, teacher, Fukuyama Heisei University


During the visit, to Australia in September each year students from local college in Canberra, provided home stay placements as well as the use of their senior school facilities for the course. This provided a rewarding and educational experience for both the College and Fukuyama Heisei students, as well as providing returning students from previous years program with new and different opportunities. One of the key successes of the home stay experience is the international network of friends and acquaintances which these students have made.


“I was impressed with the opportunity of the Australian home stay, which made me feel very wonderful of the Australian people. We wish to express our gratitude to Patricia who planned this experience for us. She did wonderful work more than the expectation. We also wish to express our gratitude for Radford College that cooperates in the home stay and the seminar, too. I am looking forward to working with you again in the near future. SMA is just as excellent as its reputation. I truly give SMA credit.” – Mr Ishibashi


The program was set up to provide more than simply an educational experience, and as such provided students with the opportunity to obtain a genuine inter-cultural understanding, and offered them educational tools from a different perspective. This program promotes the ability for students to gain a real understanding of the Australian culture and society, through a cutting edge, ‘hands on’ inter-active system of learning. This course would not have been possible without the assistance of Mr. Yoshikawa, who liaised between SMA-ACT and the Fukuyama Heisei University.


Hiroshi Yoshikawa, President/American Dream Inc. wrote “Following the result of the success of the last year, I thought we would have an easy time to realize this program this year, BUT it proved to be a challenging process, with the rising costs of the Fuel Surcharges, which were rising like a rocket. Many students wishing to attend needed to withdrawn from the program due to this additional cost.”

“However, the number of returning students from last year and Patricia’s creativity motivated us to overcome these difficulties. Fukuyama Heisei University students learned, that there is always a way to solve a problem and if you keep trying, there is somebody who is willing to support you.”


Each year’s program is different and in 2008 the course was enhanced through offering and incorporating a combination of the Sports Trainers curriculum, rehabilitation, along with test methods to evaluate injury. The end of the course saw a panel comprising of a Sports Doctor, Sports Physio and Exercise Physiologist, present to the students four case studies. Aimed at bringing all learning outcomes together in an interactive and stimulating way, the objective of this panel was to extend the visiting student’s knowledge, exposing them to different Sports Medicine Professionals. This developed a greater understanding of the role which an athletic trainer plays within the injury cycle of an athlete.


Mrs. Dianne Burgess, Head of Language Department at Radford College wrote “I was pleased to be able to have the opportunity from SMA-ACT to help in the hosting of the Fukuyama Heisei University students at Radford College. Mr Mulford (Headmaster) and Mr Leyshon (Head of Senior School) were very kind in allowing the use of the facilities of the Senior College for the course to run efficiently. Some of the Radford students, currently studying Japanese took the opportunity to provide home stay for the visiting students, which provided a great opportunity for them to use their Japanese and to learn about life as a University student in Japan.”


“During the course, some of the students studying Japanese had the opportunity to attend sections of the course and hear interesting information being spoken in Japanese. They also had the opportunity to get some skills in bandaging and strapping!”


The students experienced various forms of Australian hospitality during their stay. Visits to the Physiology lab at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), as well as working with the sports trainers at Canberra Raiders Rugby League team, enabled the students to put their theory into practice.  Providing this ‘hands on’ experience added to the overall learning and culture experience. However, the course was not all work and no play; before returning home, the students get the chance to take in the sites around Canberra. On the final evening in Canberra, the students and their host families all congregated together for an Australian BBQ, which included a game of Aussie back-yard cricket. This was a great climax to the over all experience of the exchange.


“The barbecue at the end of a very short time was an enjoyable experience. Both home stay students and the Japanese students got stuck into playing our game of cricket and then after the barbecue started to play Japanese games around in a circle. It was obvious to all that the exchange of cultures and opportunity was a huge success!” – Mrs. Dianne Burgess

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