Free Injury Recording Software

A free version of the injury surveillance program for all sporting clubs, was launched by Minister for Sport and Recreation, Shane Rattenbury on 10 December 2014. 141210_New injury software aimed to help reduce sporting injuries

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The Injury Surveillance Program  is a user friendly tool that will record and improve data collection of injuries across all levels of sport. It is supported by University of Canberra who in partnership with SMA ACT provides the high level analysis of the data collected, enabling identification of trends and occurrence rates of injury. This enables evidence based decision making by clubs when they are reviewing the safety and injury prevention procedures within their clubs.

The software is an excellent tool for participants, first aiders, event managers and team administrators and is based on a platform which is easy to use whilst providing high level and reliable data analysis and reporting.

Information on how to download the software and access support for your club can be found here. Contact Trish Donoghue, via phone 02 6247 5115 or email for assistance.

Free Injury Recording Software

For further information on the injury surveillance software “RecordPro” visit their website

Injury surviellance tool background

The SMA-ACT, UC Sport Injuredata Project enables collection of high quality data on sports injuries during sporting events and provides the capacity for immediate modelling of trends and occurrence rates of injury. SMA-ACT & UC partnership in Sports Injuredata links high level research and analysis skills with the State Sporting Organisations, their clubs and associations. Combining rigorous research and analysis, to provide evidence for safer participation and better injury prevention outcomes for ACT sporting clubs.

With any sort of injury prevention, the search for solutions must start with the establishment of what injuries are occurring, how, where and when. This will enable an  evidence-based decision making process to occur through the collaborations of sporting bodies, Sports Medicine Australia and the University of Canberra. With the growing concerns of obesity and physical inactivity it is imperative that we create a safe environment to participate in sport and physical activity. This surveillance program is a valuable tool for sporting organisations to implement into their clubs at all levels to manage their duty of care and forms part of their  injury prevention framework. It will assist ACT residents and their children to participate in sport across their lifespan.Using RecordPro Injury Surveillance Software helps sporting clubs record accurate injury data across all levels of their sports; competition to training, and provides the ability for immediate modelling of trends and occurrence rates of injury across sports and venues. SMA-ACT Sports Trainers currently use this system to log injury and treatment data in real time on site via a menu prompt system to maximise quality of data recorded.

This project is supported by the ACT Government, and  aligned to Initiative 1.1 of the ACT Sport & Recreation ACTIVE2020 Plan. Sports injuries are expensive and can be detrimental to a participants health. Injuries mean more sidelined players, lengthy rehabilitation and often poor team performance. It is crucial not to underestimate the importance of sport safety and the integral role sport safety personnel (including sports trainers, first aiders, coaches, team administrators, and parents)  play in  keeping sport safe, with injury recording a vital link in this process.
Injuredata Project Report 2012-2013

The establishment of this project was supported by funding received from the ACT Government Sport & Recreation Grant Round.