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First Aid Coverage Service

Do you have an upcoming event that requires First Aid and/or Sports Trainers personnel on hand? If yes, then SMA-ACT can help.

What is SMA-ACT First Aid Coverage?

Sports Trainer who have current CPR andIMG_4164 level 1 sports trainer accreditation are on hand to provide First Aid at any sporting or community event.  Sports Trainers are trained to handle any First Aid emergency and prevention of further injury is a key component to reducing the severity of injuries once it has occurred. Sports Trainers have training in both preventive and injury management taping and have an understanding of the Musculoskeletal System. Our trainers are highly visible and are required to have their own insurance, current accreditation and a police check before working for SMA-ACT.

Sports Medicine Australia is the leading provider of first aid services for sporting events in ACT and its surrounding areas.  SMA Sports First Aid service is widely used in ACT and is involved in some of Canberra’s major sporting events.  Our personnel have extensive experience in managing sporting injuries and incidents and are all trained to provide quality, immediate injury care to athletes.


Why use SMA-ACT First Aid Coverage Service? As well as helping to fulfil the “Duty of Care” and legal responsibility of an event, it provides an important component of the risk management strategy in minimising the number of injuries ocIMG_4165curring during an event.  As an event organiser, you are well aware of your legal liability. By having a dedicated team of professionals on hand, you can minimise risks and provide medical and first-aid treatment the moment an injury occurs. Our team provides all the relevant medical equipment and supplies required for your event, and wear highly visible uniforms so you can identify them easily.

How we cover you? Sports Medicine Australia’s team of Sports Trainers are available to provide first aid coverage at your event. All our personnel are SMA accredited, and fully competent in sporting injury prevention and management. Sports Trainers have skills and knowledge in the areas of sports taping, soft tissue injuries, nutrition and hydration, as well as first aid skills such as CPR, wound and fracture management. All of our personnel are fully covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance.  For high-risk events, SMA can also provide Nurses, Physiotherapists, and Doctors for professional injury treatment – vital for early recovery.

IMG_4163Meeting your individual needs: SMA-ACT is committed to catering for the individual needs of each client and event.  We have the flexibility to provide you with the following SMA members: Doctor’s, nurses, physio and Mobile Sports Trainers (on bicycles, in boats, on foot, in vehicles). Sports Trainers are trained to be on the move to attend to any First Aid emergency as well as being on the look out for the prevention of injury.

What does Sports First Aid Coverage Cost? As costs may differ from time to time, SMA-ACT is able to provide you with a detailed quote upon request.  An application form may be obtained by giving us a call during office hours or alternatively emailing Let SMA-ACT take care of the first aid requirements of your event for you by organising our fully qualified personnel to attend your event.

Coverage Request Application: The application for First Aid Coverage needs to be made as early as possible.  It is preferred that an application for coverage should be lodged at least 7 working days prior to the event to ensure that a Sports Trainer is available.  For major events which require a number of trainers, 2 to 3 months notice is advisable to ensure your individual event requirements are meet. We are happy to discuss your event details with you and you can contact us on (02) 6247 5115 or to download an application form ACT – Sports Medical Coverage 2015 Request Form

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