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SMA-ACT hold a number of professional development events for the general community and member education workshops that provide the opportunity to enhance knowledge and skills in all areas of sports medicine.

SMA-ACT Branch State Conference South East Regional Conference of Science & Medicine in Sport.

Held on the first weekend in February every second year, this conference aims to provide knowledge and practice of Science and Medicine in Sport and Exercise through an interactive and inter-disciplinary education forum of the highest standard.  The conference also provides industry sponsors and exhibitors the opportunity to promote their products, services and organisation to the leading sports medicine and science practitioners in ACT and its surrounding areas. ACT – Conference Testimonials


On the bio annual year to the State Conference SMA ACT join with AIS to host a joint Symposium in Canberra. 2014 was the first Symposium which was jointly presented by the ACT Branch of SMA and the Australian Institute of Sport in partnership with Australasian College of Sports Physician (ACSP) and Australian Physiotherapy Association/Sports Physiotherapy Australia (APA/SPA). March 2016 is scheduled for the second Symposium #SilentContributors16 More details here

Phil Cossens, APA Member recently wrote an article for the Physiotherpaist InMotion magainze, below is what he had to say about the symposium. “Professional partnerships etched in bone”

I was recently one of many ACT Physiotherapists privileged to attend the 2014 Bone Health in Sport Symposium.   The Symposium was hosted by Sports Medicine Australia’s ACT branch in partnership with Sports Physiotherapy Australia and the Australasian College of Sports Physicians.  Held at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, the conference provided an excellent example of the benefits of multidisciplinary professional education.  Cohorts of Physiotherapists and Sports Physicians were joined by a wide range of professionals from the SMA network, including Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Nutritionists, Coaches and Sports Trainers to mention just a few.

Attendees were treated to high class presentations from notable international speakers and local experts.  International keynotes were headlined by Dr Aharon Finestone, who demonstrated his expertise after decades of published research investigating bone stress and overuse injuries in the Israeli army.  Notable Australian researchers included Professor Robin Daly from Deakin University discussing the influence of Vitamin D on bone, and A-Prof Belinda Beck from Griffith University providing insights on the influence of exercise on bone health throughout the lifespan.  Challenging the brain outside the ordinary professional development box was Dr Colin McHenry, a Biologist and Palaeontologist who provided us with an insight into skeletal development across the animal kingdom, challenging us to consider bone structure amongst current bipedal mammals as well as long extinct quadrupeds.  Sports Physiotherapists were also notable contributors, with presentations from David Spurrier and Ivan Hooper providing an essential link between research and direct clinical management.

Along with the educational value of this conference, the interdisciplinary relationships fostered between participants were highly valued, with several social events included and adequate time at breaks to socialise and discuss ideas.  I commend the ACT branch of Sports Medicine Australia for hosting this wonderful event, and I hope that the relationships between the APA, SMA and ACSP continue to flourish with effective communication and a joint commitment towards provision of high quality professional development opportunities for members.

SMA-ACT Sports Trainer Conference

Held in October every year, the Sports Trainers Conference is designed to provide working sports trainers with practical professional development. Topics have been drawn from feedback received from the last couple of conferences and represents best practice for management of athletes. Speakers are working within the sporting industry at a high level, and will provide the most up to date information on the growing expectations of the role which a sports trainer plays within a club and/or team environment. Networking is a valuable tool for a sports trainer, and by incorporating a networking luncheon into this conference, participants will have the opportunity to develop new contacts. Refer Events & Training Calendar for further details.

Short Seminars

The format of these seminars encourage medical professionals and the general community to be involved in discussion about relevant heath and sport topics. Speakers are drawn from the leaders in their field and talks are held of an evening at the AIS. Full calendar of upcoming talks refer professional development calendar.

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