SMA Programs

Sports Medicine Australia manages a number of programs which promote optimal health, well-being and lifestyle disease prevention through physical activity. A number of these programs provide support to sporting and active communities to prevent and manage sports injury, one of the key barriers to participation in physical activity and the associated benefits of reduced chronic disease.

These programs include:


  • Smartplay is a sport safety and injury prevention program. Smartplay aims to reduce the incidence and severity of sport and recreation injuries and carries the slogan ‘Warm Up, Drink Up, Gear Up’ which represent simple yet important injury prevention practices for all sports participants, coaches and administrators.

Australia on the Move (OzOM)

  • Australia on the Move (OzOM) is a project founded by Sports Medicine Australia and developed by The University of Queensland aimed at improving health and quality of life of Australians by promoting and supporting active lifestyles and healthy eating. OzOM’s main goal is to help people to take small changes towards a healthy life bringing the concept of “energy balance” into daily routines.