When I decided Sports and Exercise Medicine was to be my vocation, I needed to ‘skill up’. Apart from absorption (watching and listening to other’s work), SMA was able to bridge the education gap in basic clinical examination – and which still exists today. As one progresses professionally, you learn that things don’t always automatically go the way you want. There are people and groups with alternate views. You need help and advice. Someone to bounce off. Someone to advocate for you. This is SMA’s other great value. While we generally belong to discipline groups, the broad church of SMA has great capacity and ability. In Victoria, government has seen SMA as an important organisation to help deliver it’s programs and policy agendas.The benefits are not only for our needs, but more importantly, those of the group we set out to serve when we chose our vocation, the community whether elite sportsperson, the elderly who walk their dog every day and those in between. I think SMA membership, any way you look, is great value for money.Dr David Bolzonello
Sports Physician, VIC
SMA membership gives, more than anything else, ongoing contact with other top professionals in the broad area of sports medicine, not only in one’s own field. It is outstanding value for money given the price of membership of other professional organisations. It is also the most recognised sports medicine body for lobbying the government to understand the importance of exercise in keeping the nation healthy. Plus you get to read Sport Health with all your favourite writers every three months.Dr John Orchard
Sports Physician, NSW
After serving in the British Royal Army Medical Corp for six years I spent another six years in Guernsey in private practice and coaching the Island swimming club. In the 1960s there was no tertiary training in sport Physiotherapy so I participated in the English Football Association trainers seminars and did as many coaching courses as I could. Eventually life on a a small island became a little claustrophobic so in 1969 my wife and I, with our three eldest children, migrated to WA.Soon after starting work at the Royal Perth Rehabilitation Hospital I was asked to start a sports injury clinic in the physiotherapy department. Of course I agreed albeit totally unaware that key members of the ASMF WA had been pressing the hospital Board for some time to allow such a clinic. I can only imagine how they felt when learning that a Johnny-cum-lately Pom had been put into the job without their input. I joined the ASMF (SMA) at a time of rapid and exciting development in Sports Medicine when members were pioneering medical & surgical procedures; Sports Science was becoming high profile and was instrumental in developing community courses in coaching principles.

The SMA Mission Statement promises through service to our membership and the community that SMA will function as the peak body for:
Medicine and science in physical activity and sport;
Medical and health care of active persons at all levels;
Well-being through safe physical activity; and
Prevention of health problems associated with inactivity.

This mission involves members from almost every health profession and provides access to international standard journals, conferences and on-going education. Having a profile within SMA provides opportunity for employment in all levels of sports teams, Institutes of Sport, and clinical practice which in turn provides a platform for research and academia. The future of Sports Medicine promises to be as exciting as the past and I cannot recommend membership to SMA highly enough.

Stuart Gray
Physiotherapist, WA

From my early years as a Sports Physiotherapist, SMA provided ideal opportunities to attend conferences and read publications on the multi-disciplinary approach to sports medicine. SMA provides the ability for health professionals to utilise their individual areas of expertise to work together towards a common goal of understanding and developing ideal management strategies for a variety of sporting injuries. As a sports physiotherapist travelling with sporting teams, SMA provided the opportunity to gain knowledge from other skilled professionals ultimately helping me to more effectively prevent injuries and optimise the performance for the athletes I was working with.The multi-disciplinary model that SMA fosters has become the premium medical model to aspire to, not only in a conference setting but also in a work setting. SMA inspired me in the 90′s to open a multi-disciplinary Sports Medicine Centre in Sydney with business partners who were all active members of SMA. Since then the SMA global networking channel has assisted me in creating a “World Class Sports Medicine Practice”. This network of SMA health professionals continues to inspire me to learn more and build my knowledge in all areas of sports medicine.

Life changes had me drop out of SMA for a few years, but I missed the yearly conference opportunity to share in cutting edge ideas on sports medicine while networking with like-minded professionals. Returning to the SMA Conference in Hamilton Island last year felt like coming home. I very much enjoyed being able to network with world respected professionals who never cease to inspire and push the envelope of sports medicine knowledge, while still having a fun time.

My career in sports medicine has been significantly enhanced by the great knowledge, networking and professional support that SMA provides. I look forward to seeing you at this years’ SMA Conference.

Trish Wisbey-Roth
Olympic Physiotherapist, NSW

I had been involved with the Australian Red Cross’s Sydney Mobile Voluntary First Aid Detachment [1975]which followed on to Sports Coverage co-ordinator for Sports Physiotherapy Australia.[1981] SMA approached me to ‘..follow on further’. Through SMA I was offered a unique opportunity to be involved in a broader perspective of an ever growing field of interest.. This enabled me to meet a challenge to play an integral part in laying the foundations for today’s system of sports coverage. Without the umbrella of SMA this would not have been possible. My involvement with SMA opened doors and opportunities which no other organisation I was involved with was able to provide.My own professional growth and journey through the last 27 years has always included a close and integral involvement with SMA . I have had many fortunate opportunities to have a healthy symbiotic relationship with SMA. Overall, this has provided the optimal network for not only professional development but also career, business and most importantly, personal growth and long lasting friendships.My thanks for my initial and continued involvement must got to the inspiration and support of Drs Ian Mackie, David Collinson, Hugh Hazard, Jenny Saunders, Grace Bryant, Stuart Watson and Michael Kennedy [SMA foundation Member NSW- 1966]. There are also many others. That’s what you have access to when you become involved.

I proudly continue to be actively involved with SMA at level which suits not only my proffessional, but also my lifestyle choices and needs. My relationship with SMA is a testimonial to the often Quoted ‘not so much what the organisation can do for you, but what you can do for it’ [ apologies to J. F. Kennedy]. SMA is the only peak multidisciplinary body in this country that offers a positive & effective supportive national infrastructure for the keen and dedicated sports medicine practitioner to reach their optimal professional and personal potential. SMA’s international standing also speaks for itself.

If you do not get involved, you will never know the full potential for both you & SMA. Do not wait for them to find you, get going, join and get active! Make the most of your preferred professional choices.

Nick Stepkovitch
Musculoskeletal & Sports Physiotherapist, NSW

As an early career academic recently arrived in Australia, choosing the right professional organisation was an important priority. Following the advice of senior colleagues, I chose to join Sports Medicine Australia (SMA).Membership has brought a range of benefits. SMA is a touchstone for my specific interests, allowing me to engage with cutting-edge issues in research and practice. Annual meetings, publications and workshops provide a wealth of opportunity to form valuable networks and professional relationships. SMA’s focus on specialist areas within a wider, diverse structure is a particular strength as this not only fosters professional development in my own area, but also allows me to gain and appreciate insights from a range of cross-disciplinary experts.

With these benefits in mind, I highly commend SMA membership.

Nick Gilson
Physical activity and health researcher, University of Queensland

I joined the NSW branch of ASMF (as it was then known) in 1967. I had just established myself in private practice and I was the first physio for the Reds and the Wallabies. There was nowhere to learn about how to treat sporting injuries and manage sportsmen/women; indeed there was no facility then to liaise with other professions interested in managing any aspect of athletes. Because of this need, I became co-founder (with Dr Kevin Hobbs) of the Queensland branch in 1970.Sports Medicine allows all interested professionals to share information in a non-threatening yet professional and critical forum, the key words being collaboration and a willingness to be part of a team. There is no other platform where a great variety of practitioners, doctors, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, biomechanists, psychologists, sports scientists of all types, podiatrists, dieticians, coaches and athletes can come together in mutual understanding for the benefit of the athlete. Ultimately, these attitudes will filter across to influence the health and lifestyle of the general public.

Conferences particularly encourage this multidisciplinary cross flow of information. Conferences also allow pertinent research and experience to be directed to the individuals who would best benefit, and of course, an invaluable part of conferences is that it allows great social and professional networking.

One final and important value of being a member of SMA relates to fulfilling the needs of the challenges to keep interested in your profession. Attending conferences, courses, lectures and receiving information, newsletters and journals from a respected organization such as SMA continues to motivate one to keep achieving at the highest level of excellence. It is not possible to remain at the cutting edge of your profession and to stay interested without being a member of the peak consumer body – and that is SMA.

Peter Dornan
Physiotherapist, QLD