SMA Research Foundation


The SMA Research Foundation has been established to provide support to young postgraduate researchers engaged in sports medicine and lifestyle disease prevention research.

SMA Research Foundation Grants which are to the value of up to $2000, are designed to support research conducted by postgraduate students and postgraduate practitioners for the purpose of advancing research in sports medicine and its relationship with lifestyle disease prevention. The grant is administered by the Sports Medicine Australia Research Foundation. A finite number of grants will be issued in a regular allocation period.

Applicants for SMA Research Foundation Grants must be a professional or student member of Sports Medicine Australia. Preference will be given to new and emerging researchers* conducting research related to the SMA Discipline fields (i.e. Sports Dietitian, Sports Doctor, Sports Physician, Sports Physiotherapist, Sports Podiatrist, Sports Psychologist, Sport Scientist)

* new and emerging researchers with no more than 3 years post-doctoral at the time of submitting their application.

Please consult the Guidelines and Conditions and Application Criteria for the SMA Research Foundation Grants.

The next round of Research Foundation grants are NOW OPEN!!  Applications for consideration for the 2017 SMA Research Foundation Grants will close on Thursday 31st August, 2017.

Applications received after the closing date will not be accepted.

For more information, please direct your enquiry to or call 03 9674 8709

Congratulations to the 2016 grant recipients

◦ Christina Ekegren, Monash University

◦ Anthony Fernon, La Trobe University

◦ Amy Harding, Griffith University

◦ David Hillard, The University of Sydney

◦ Nicholas Saner, Victoria University

2015 Grants

◦ Joshua Denham, University of New England

◦ Luke Heales, University of Queensland

◦ Natalie Lander, Deakin Univeristy

◦ Margaret Perrott, La Trobe University

◦ Rhiannon Snipe, Monash University

2014 Grants

Congratulations to successful recipients of the 2014 Research Foundation Grants

◦   Celeste Coltman, University of Wollongong

◦   James Devin, University of Queensland

◦   Belinda Thompson, University of Newcastle

◦   Steven Watson, Griffith University

◦   Emma Zadow, University of Tasmania

2013 Grants

Congratulations to successful recipients of the 2013 Research Foundation Grants

◦   Katrin Dias, University of Queensland

◦   Jackson Fyfe, Victoria University

◦   Jamie Gaida, Monash University

◦   Dana Lis, University of Tasmania

◦   Sarah Warby, La Trobe University

2012 Grants

Successful recipients of the 2012 Research Foundation Grants [more]

◦   Christina Ekegren, Monash University

◦   Harvi Hart, University of Melbourne

◦   Michael Kakanis, Bond University

◦   Mark Opar, La Trobe University

◦   Llion Roberts, University of Queensland

◦   Luke Vella, Deakin University

2011 Grants

Successful recipients of the 2011 Research Foundation Grants were:

◦   Chris Bishop, University of South Australia

◦   Adam Culvenor, University of Melbourne

◦   Eric Martin, University of Notre Dame, WA

◦   Phillip Melville, University of Queensland

◦   Kate Pumpa, University of Canberra

2010 Grants

Successful recipients of the 2010 Research Foundation Grants were:

◦   Simranjit Sidhu, University of Queensland

◦   Narelle Eather, University of Newcastle

◦   Alasdair Dempsey, University of Western Australia

◦   Adam Semciw, La Trobe University

◦   Ina Janssen, University of Wollongong