ASMF Fellows


The Order of ASMF Fellows’ was established in 1984. The Fellows’ are the elite group within Sports Medicine Australia.

The broad objectives of the Fellows’ are:

  • promote excellence in the field of sports medicine
  • encourage young members’ research and scientific endeavours
  • recognise the contribution of members to SMA.

Some of the notable contributions in recent years includes:

  • supporting the Refshauge Lecturer at the Australian Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport (ACSMS)
  • mentoring young poster presenters at the ACSMS
  • supporting the ACSMS Awards
  • contributed financially to the Physical Activity supplement of the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport.

ASMF Fellows’ have contributed by being a full member for seven years, attending Australian and international conferences, having research published in national or international publications, higher tertiary qualifications, assisting in the administration of some SMA projects and lecturing at workshops. Click here for a list of ASMF Fellows.

Becoming a Fellow

Sports Medicine Australia invites all current full members with a minimum of seven years membership to apply for Fellowship. Details of how to apply for ASMF Fellowship in 2017 is found via the application form.

For further enquiries please contact Emily Coughlan on 03 9674 8702 or

Please note that submission of applications will close on Thursday 31st August, 2017.

New Fellows

In 2017 our new Fellowships will be announced at the ASMF Fellow Dinner at the ASICS Sports Medicine Australia Conference in Langkawi at The Westin:

Click here to view a complete list of fellows.

2014 ASMF Fellows

Paul Fleet and ASMF Fellows President Michael Kenihan with 2016 inductee Dr Chris Bishop (middle).

Sir William Refshauge Lecturers

2017: Dr Louise Burke OAM
2016: Professor Peter O’Sullivan
2015: Dr Peter Brukner
2014: Dr Danny Green
2013: Mr Craig Purdam
2012: Professor Karim Khan
2011: Professor Ken Fitch
2010: Professor Peter Fricker
2009: Professor Caroline Finch
2008: Professor Wendy Brown
2007: Dr Sandy Gordon
2006: Dr Tim Olds
2005: Dr Jill Cook
2004: Dr Bruce Abernethy
2003: Dr Brian Sando
2002: Dr Paul McCrory
2001: Dr John Bloomfield
2000: Dr Julie Steele
1999: Dr Brian Corrigan